OM: The Crazy Story of Pablo Longoria … with Paul Bayes

In a portrait dedicated to the Spanish leader, France football recalls the delicate attention that OM president Pablo Longoria gave to Paul Bayes at the end of last season.

Pablo Longoria is known to be a passionate leader, and it is not the anecdote told by France Football in its latest edition that will prove the opposite. As the magazine reports, the president of OM paid very special attention to Girondins de Bordeaux defender Paul Beyse, who suffered a cruciate ligament rupture last May.

The meeting between the two men took place on 7 January during the match between Bordeaux and Marseille in Ligue 1 (0–1) at Matamute Atlantique. Wounded, Beyse Girondins was not in the group, but he wanted to meet with Longoria to thank him. The Reason? Six months ago, the Spanish leader sent him a handwritten letter to show his support after a serious injury.

“Besse Was Completely Hallucinating”

The two have never worked together and do not know each other. It’s just a habit Longoria picked up. “This is a rule introduced by Pablo, which is explained to an employee of the Marseille club for France football. He wants us to be on standby in case the player is injured, given a hard blow or something negative. No matter who, championship or nationality, Pablo wants to send something to everyone.”

For Bayes, the surprise didn’t stop there. While the defender didn’t know that Longoria was going to recognize him, the latter immediately got him involved in surfing, their common passion. “He started telling her that he was surfing in the same place. Paul Bayes was completely confused that he knew everything about her”, continues a witness of the magazine scene.

Hyperactive, Longoria makes it an honor to get to know as many players as possible. In its column, France Football reports another similar scene, this time experienced by Charles Cabore. Present at the velodrome last November, the former Olympian (2007–2013) is convinced that Longoria has no idea of ​​his identity. This was without the president of OM knowing… “Of course I know you, Charles! Since the U20 Africa Cup in Congo-Brazzaville!” A monster, this Pablo Longoria.

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