OM: Marseille supporters launch a competition to imagine future jerseys

OM supporters have launched an initiative to design future jerseys to be worn by players. One of them is expected to meet with club president Pablo Longoria to discuss the project.

Hashtags #MaillotTeamOM There’s all the anger on Twitter. The initiative was started a few weeks ago by two well-known OM lovers on the social network: Thierry Mode, aka Titi Le Boss, a regular at La Commanderie who is always full of initiative for OM and his supporters. , and Bayel Ben Khalifa, founder of FreeCouch4Fans, a platform that connects sports and football fans for free accommodations on the go. In a “space” (exchange between supporters on Twitter) explicitly dedicated to Oem, an idea was born: “What if the supporters themselves invented the design of one of Oem’s future jerseys? ” The concept is basic, but ultimately so logical. Few football fans possess designer skills and, after all, fans are the primary consumers of the jerseys of their favorite club. So a competition has emerged and it will go on till the end of the season.

Marseille Cross, The Good Mother and Bernard Tappy on some jerseys

By mentioning the hashtag #MaillotTeamOM, supporters can post the jersey they imagined on Twitter. Many of them have already created a ruckus. The one with the Marseille Cross was very popular, even though the idea was reminiscent of the jersey already worn by O.M. The black jersey with a blue horizontal stripe, with the relief of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, also has many adherents. At the moment, the most “choice” is Jersey, representing a map of Marseille and its 111 neighbourhood-villages. Bernard Tappy’s face appears discreetly between the OM logo and the Puma. If this jersey were chosen, supporters think Om might wear it for the anniversary of the “boss”‘s disappearance. The Olympian club, with very attentive management to its supporters and its city of Marseille, is enthusiastic. Thierry Moud should meet with President Om Pablo Longoria soon in order to move forward on this project.

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An auction for the city of Odessa

The final idea is not to make it one of three official OM jerseys to be chosen by equipment supplier Puma. It is intended for OM to wear this jersey at least once with a limited number of copies during the match to be determined. After this, an auction will be held and the profits will go to the Ukrainian city of Odessa, which will be joined with Marseille. The Town Hall and the Regional Council also plan to support this spectacular project … which could gain momentum in the world of football. On the same idea, Dortmund launched the same competition and 10 jerseys designed by supporters of the German club would soon be offered to Puma, which would choose a model. So sports brands may have to adapt a bit more to the desires and imagination of supporters. Om’s people hope that PUMA will play the game and support this operation so sympathetically.

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