Om Locker Room: "When you’re a soccer player, you like risk"Players who are fans of Marseille’s warm atmosphere


In the program Le Vestiaire, which aired on RMC Sport 1 this Monday evening, OM players spoke about the hot climate that reigns in the city of Marseille and the events leading up to the Olympian season. Amin Harit also revealed that he learned of Marseille’s interest in … shaky times.

Marseille is an exclusive club with a unique atmosphere, and it is not the testimony of the OM players in the program “Le Vestire”, broadcast on Monday evening, that would prove to the contrary. At RMC Sport 1, Amin Harit, Dimitri Payet, Pep Gue and William Saliba really returned to the special atmosphere that reigns around OM.


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“When you talk about Marseille, there are often people who say to you ‘yes, but if it gets horribly hot, you shouldn’t leave your house’… it’s true, But when you’re a footballer, you like risk”, decided William Saliba, coming to the club in July 2021.


“It’s crazy, there’s always something going on with Marseille”

Amin Harit, who signed with OM at the end of last summer’s transfer window, revealed he learned of Marseille’s interest in a particular context. “Before I come to Marseille, I watch the match against Nice. And then the pitch attack breaks down. I look at my younger brother and say to him: ‘This is crazy, there’s always something going on with Marseille. It’s always It’s hot!’ And there, my agent called me and told me Marseille wanted me… I already had problems, I told myself I was going to be in more trouble! And I bet I’m sorry ain’t the everything”, elaborated the former Nantes player.

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Beyond the popular excitement and tension that can sometimes surround OM matches, Harit also assured that the good atmosphere in the locker room had helped him keep his spirits up during the periods when he used to play a little. “In another club that doesn’t have a lot of atmosphere, where you’re in a locker room with more sleep and where you don’t have a lot of commonalities, you’re more likely to break up if you don’t play.”


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