OM LIVE: Club confirms supporter PAOK . will not travel

OM notes the non-travel of his faithful to Greece

In a press release published on Monday, OM said they take “note” of the Greek authorities’ decision, and thus confirmed that their supporters will not travel for the match against PAOK on Thursday evening.

Greek police demand travel ban for Om supporters

Local police want Marseille fans to be banned from traveling to Thessaloniki during the second leg of the Conference League quarter-final between PAOK and OM (9 p.m.) this Thursday, according to Greek daily I Kathimerini. An official request to this effect would have been sent on Monday. Interior Minister Takis Theodoricakos will also have discussed the matter with several UEFA leaders. The first leg, won 2–1 by teammates Dimitri Payet, was marked by events in Marseille.

Towards a travel ban for OM fans in Greece

Greek authorities are expected to ban the movement of Marseille supporters in Thessaloniki next Thursday. The information has not yet been confirmed by the OM but this is the trend and Marseille supporters’ groups are starting to inform their members that there will be no travel.

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FGe (in Marseilles)

PAOK Lunar Releases

The Salonica Club has published a lunar press release on the events of the past few days in Marseille. The local police are being particularly targeted. “Fortunately, despite the vast incompetence of the Bouches-du-Rhône police leadership, we had no casualties.”

This is the end of this press conference.

We note Sampaoli’s rant over the announcement of Salonica, Lucescu’s coach, “who has no space”, in the words of Longoria, as reported by AFP, a declaration “irresponsible”.

Group for Sunday?

Milik is in the final stages of recovery, he trained today. Bakambu had a knee injury, we’ll have to see tomorrow.

Is Om being refereed too harshly?

“Yes, I see my team trying to play, attack, keep the ball and if you look at yesterday’s game, one team was attacking and the other team was just defending and finally He had a cardboard and we and I had 5. Have a hard time explaining it. Everyone is doing well except me.”

Guendouzi. About this

“He has the ability to recover very quickly with little risk of injury. But he has also managed to shake up the hierarchy, but it is also the soul of the team, he feels the football. He has progressed normally, Not necessarily thanks to me, he has matured a lot and is well on his way to becoming one of the best midfielders out there.”

How long does it take for its creations to die?

“It is true that we should not forget that we are playing with a lesser team, but if there is no rotation we run the risk of losing performance or players. What I am trying to do is It’s either at the strategic level or to change players, otherwise I risk being unrecognizable and more vulnerable. We try to protect the players so as not to lose their effectiveness.”

During the conference, AFP reports what Longoria told Salonica coach after her shocking statement.

OM president Pablo Longoria criticized PAOK Salonica coach Razwan Lucescu for his “irresponsible attitude” after his comments on incidents between supporters on the sidelines of a Europa League conference match on Thursday, AFP learned from Friday. A source within the club.

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After the match, marked by several incidents between Greek and Marseille supporters in and around the Stade Velodrome, Razvan Lucescu felt that his club’s fans had been “badly received” and that Marseille and OM had “a bad image”. “Given. Leaving the press room, he said in a low voice, “It would have been better if your supporters hadn’t come.”

“Pablo went to see Lucescu and told him that his attitude was irresponsible and it was suicidal to ignite such things before the second leg,” the source told AFP.

“When he discussed with Pablo, (Lucescu) remained on his speech. He believes supporters of PAOK were badly received. To us, he denies reality”, AFP announced the same source.

Payet’s goal, the best target he’s seen?

‘I took it yesterday in training with Dmitry. It was a very tough target to score and I have never had the opportunity to see such a thing in my career. It’s the ideal of the team that scored and I think it can go a little more into the legend of the club.”

Should Marseille fans move to Greece?

“It is a football match, I hope our fans can be in Greece. Regarding the statements of the coach, I think there is no reason. Talking about what has not happened yet, We are creating a threat. I hope the football game goes well and the best player wins.”

What surprised him in Marseille

“What I was curious about was the velodrome, to see this atmosphere, this excitement that drives the players. I saw it and I appreciated it. After Marseille there is a city that lives on passion. It’s good when it’s going well, it’s more difficult when it’s not going so well, but it is with passionate cities.”

around sampauli

“We have good consistency, this match, we should have won it in the first half. But at the moment, I think we have really good attacking football and that’s a positive.”

over second place competitors

“Renes and Nice are two very good teams, but it’s up to us to do what we have to do and focus on and we’ll have great things at the end of the season.”

“This is my year in terms of numbers”

“But I will have done more this year, I will try to keep some for the end of the season.”

Too much anxiety? Coach’s Responsibility?

“It’s borderline to reduce panic in everything we’ve been through since the start of the season. We have different mindsets but we’re all there to win matches. That’s what we’ve been doing since the start of the season. He is very good, interesting and that should be underlined”.

Kylian Mbappe. but his opinion

“He’s an exceptional player, one of the best in the world, he managed to assist me, so it’s beautiful. He’s a top player and we wish him a wonderful career through out.” “

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Gwendozzi confident of return match

“We are ready and we will go there with the confidence that we will qualify for the next round”

environment in the second stage

“We are very disappointed with what happened before the match, the violence in Marseille city, the day before the match or the pre-match. We were focused on the pitch. We know it will be a tough match but we have something Experience gained and we will be ready. It is not up to me whether our supporters will come or not. We know they will follow us, even if they are not physically present.”

“It’s the best goal I’ve ever seen on a football pitch”

Gwendozzi is still dithyrhombic on Payet’s goal.

Guendouji will also be at a press conference

The midfielder will be ahead of Jorge Sampaoli against the journalists. The start of the press conference is still scheduled for 1:45 pm.

Milik back against Montpellier?

Arkadiusz Milik is back in mass training. It was expected and expected. The Polish striker was present this Friday morning, even when Thursday’s owners (2-1 win against PAOK Salonica) were indoors. Milik could be in the group to face Montpellier at the end of the 31st day of Ligue 1 on Sunday.

Note that Matteo Guandouzzi will be in a press conference with Jorge Sampaoli at 1:45 pm.


OM-Montpellier: Why would the kick-off be given at 9 PM instead of 8:45 PM?

Usually scheduled at 8:45 p.m., the Sunday evening poster will unusually start at 9 p.m. between Om and Montpellier. This discrepancy was reported by the Professional Football League (LFP) on 22 March. It follows the rescheduling of the Strasbourg-OL match from 1 pm to 7 pm following a request for a slightly longer recovery from Lyon after the match against West Ham.

“Initially scheduled for 1:00 pm on Sunday 10 April 2022, the RC Strasbourg Alsace – Olympique Lyonnais match has been postponed to 7:00 pm on the same day and will be broadcast on Prime Video As a result, the kick-off Olympique de Marseille – Montpellier Hérault match SC will be postponed until 9:00 pm.

Marseilles look forward to a very warm return to Greece

Jorge Sampaoli speaks a day after OM’s win against POOK Salonica (2-1) in the Conference League, marked by scenes of violence in the stands. At the end of the meeting, the coach of the Greek team threatened Marseille supporters with retaliation. Marseille players expect a very tense atmosphere.

“It will be difficult in Greece, George Sampaoli said on Thursday. The opponent came out alive from a match he should have lost more clearly. The game.”

“We know it’s going to be hot out there, we have to focus from the start, when they try to give everything,” said William Saliba.

Hello to everyone!

Welcome to our live to follow OM coach Jorge Sampaoli’s press conference this Friday (1:45pm) two days before Montpellier’s reception, on Sunday (9pm, the 31st day of Ligue 1).

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