Om: "In Marseille, you must have such a boy"Di Meco praises Gwendoujic’s contribution


Not one to be stingy with praise about Matteo Guendouzzi, Eric Di Meco praised the Om midfielder’s continued progress at RMC on Wednesday. “A rare man” who traversed the steps at high speed in the city of Marseille.

Standing in the central region of the Olympique de Marseille, in which he joined Arsenal last summer, Matteo Guandouzzi has made good progress at Canebear. At 23 years old, the neo-international tricolor (3 caps, 1 goal) has established himself as a de facto boss in Jorge Sampaoli’s team.


This is enough to seduce Eric Di Meco, consultant The Indian Paper, who is convinced that Guandouzi is part of this breed of players that it is better to be in his eleven rather than at the front. “You’re happy to have that kind of player on your team. When he plays elsewhere, you can’t stand him. It’s a strong character, he feeds on him, he’s on Super Moscato on RMC this Wednesday.” The show assures. In a team like Marseille, you must have a guy like this. He’s a leader. He very quickly established himself as the boss.”

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“His level has risen throughout the season, to the point of becoming an international”

Di Meco seems to have taken the most of all the crucial steps Guandouzzi passed from his first Olympian season, in a context that isn’t always clear. “When I was commenting on the Premier League, and I saw him coming down from Arsenal, I saw that he was a big personality. But in terms of performance, it was difficult (to know). When he got there he was small. There was a club that was in trouble. And in Marseille, I haven’t seen him at this level, a level that has reached international level throughout the season. A rare person.”

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and Di Meco to end his eulogy. “I’m glad he’s living here and he wants to build here from what he said. They’re the kind of people you build around you. He’s a good footballer, who puts himself up for friends on the pitch.” Makes sacrifices. (…) And in addition, he is one of the most used players. He will play 60 matches this year, he hasn’t lost that many matches.”


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