OL: Reine-Adelaide considering retirement after serious injury


In an interview with the team this Saturday, Jeff Rein-Adelaide returns to a period of recovery from his second serious injury. The midfielder considered retiring but managed to put his misfortune in perspective.

For Jeff Rein-Adelaide, thirteen months passed between the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee in February 2021 and his return against Lorient last March. The midfielder is bound to return from afar, suffering a right knee injury in December 2019, the one who joined the OL from Angers in the summer of 2019.


This second injury “really affected psychologically” Jeff Rein-Adelaide, who did not expect to be away for long. So much so that he thought of ending his career. “Yes. I must say, it was in the back of my mind, in the back of my mind, he told the team this Saturday. Afterwards, I have a winning mindset, there is no loser, so it crossed my mind.” But I woke up because I put things in perspective so much, I told myself that was worse than me.

“During this injury, I tried to reconnect with humanity, from the outside”

During his convocation, Jeff Rein-Adelaide had “time” to invest in associations to help children “who did not have parents, or who were disabled”. “We soccer players are in our own bubble. We don’t see everything that’s happening outside. And during this injury, I tried to reconnect with humanity, from the outside, to see what’s around us was happening. It did me great. And it gave me a lot of value back, let the 24-year-old player go. Because of these values, we can sometimes lose them because of football. We don’t have the same reality as people. Well, we’re disconnected.”

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Now that that page has turned, Jeff Rein-Adelaide can project himself and now aims to be “an undisputed holder next season”. Last Sunday, during the big win against Bordeaux (6–1), “JRA” signed his first assist of the season for his sixth appearance of the season. Or another step towards a return to the top for Rein-Adelaide under contract by 2024 and recruited for 25 million euros.


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