OL-PSG: Renard is sorry there are more dumplings "Underlined" in girls than in boys

Although Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Barbora Votikova’s errors gave her a (3-2) victory in the Champions League semi-final first leg, OL defender Wendy Renard lamented that she was highlighted so much at the Super Moscato show this Tuesday.

Olympique Lyonnais players took a step towards qualifying for the Women’s Champions League final by winning their first leg semi-final against Paris Saint-Germain (3-2) on Sunday. Partly because of the ordeal of Paris goalkeeper Barbora Votikova, who has seen her evening dumplings circulating on social networks in recent days. What scorned Leonis Wendy Renard at the Super Moscato show on RMC this Tuesday.

“It’s always more emphasized when it’s actually in women’s football, the OL defender reacted. Even boys at the highest level have mistakes. For once, it’s good for us.” One of these balls gave Renard a direct advantage, as she was the first to convert a penalty on the OL’s first goal, after a poorly controlled exit from Votikova.

an impossible third goal

“In terms of the image, unfortunately, it will harm women’s football, she continued. Those who are very skeptical will use it as evidence. On the action of the third goal, they (Paris’s) communication recall.” ” Renard refers here to Votikova’s action that has been shared the most online: We see the Czech goalkeeper come out to meet her defender, who covers the ball, then finally passes it between her legs. Lets pass, turns around, hesitates to take it. His hands, try to free him and accept the target.

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Two goals scored before half-time were still on her mind: in addition to the penalty inflicted on the first, she had completely missed her clearance on the second, sending the ball straight into the legs of the Lyon attackers. Arriving at PSG to become a student of Christine Endler, who eventually left for the OL during the season, Votikova had in no case shown herself up to the challenge of half of C1. He has only a few days left to regroup before returning this Saturday in Paris.

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