OL-PSG: Absent from Paris group after their feud, Hamraoui didn’t show up for the bus

Sandy involved in a feud with Baltimore, Khira Hamraoui does not join the group that travels to Lyon for the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals. Unlike Baltimore, she did not appear for the bus to Gare de Lyon.

The sentence fell. Following a brawl between Kheira Hamraoui and Sandy Baltimore this Friday, the former Barcelona player is no longer in the group that travels to Lyon to play in the first leg of the Women’s Champions League semi-final (5 p.m.) on Sunday. Unlike Baltimore, she did not appear for the bus to Gare de Lyon. During today’s training, Khera Hamraui started making negative comments targeting her young partner. He repeated himself, which angered the young midfielder. Baltimore then told him to move on and focus on the field.

Diallo also absent

The tone rose, Hamraoui insulted Baltimore. A quarrel ensued, it was necessary to separate them. In view of the training, a crisis meeting was organized in Bougival. Sources close to the club claim that Kheera Hamraoui has “been a bit paranoid in recent weeks, she was suspicious of everyone.”

While the players took the direction of Lyon in the afternoon, PSG confirmed the controversy in a press release and assured that “the club will take all measures to attract the results of this incident” if the “surviving forces” focus on the game. objectives and match against OL”, the climate around this crucial meeting for the end of the season promises to be heavy. For the first leg, Didier Olle-Nicole will also have to do without Aminata Diallo, who suffers from gastro.

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