OL-Montpellier: The winner of a great match, Lyon gets the win and a small smile

Despite a major scare at the end of the first period (5–2), OL put on a show against Montpellier as part of the 34th day of Ligue 1 in front of their home crowd. Leonis still has a small hope of hanging on to Europe.

Afternoon of Twist and Turns. Already deprived of Lopes, Denair, Dubois, Caqueret, Cherki or Ndombele, OL recorded Favre’s last seizure to welcome Montpellier, after an adductor alert, before da Silva sent his allies in the first act (36th). ) leave it. That didn’t stop Lyonnais from rediscovering the taste of victory in two stages, rain (5-2).

Direct free kick and penalty conceded: Mendes’ fun first period

OL thought and would have worked hard before the break, with a goal scored from a direct free kick by Thiago Mendes, with success and help from behind Omlin (43rd). Dembele scored a slightly earlier (25th) goal with his 16th goal of the season and at 2-0, Leonis could see it coming. But in a decidedly trying season, nothing would be clear as it was written.

Moments later, Wahi narrows the gap with Savani (45th + 2). The Montpellier smuggler turns into a scorer at the next kick-off, after a hand penalty received from Mendes at the entrance to his field (45th + 4). Thus OL lost all their confidence after a two-goal lead in less than two minutes and a very interesting first act. Because apart from Savanier’s spur near the astonishing Omlin (39th), MHSC has mostly suffered.

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OL raised its tone in the second half, tense exchanges with supporters

The pace did not decline upon the resumption of play, with Goons still dominating and most dangerous ever, as stopped by Omlin (52nd) on a shot from Paqueta, after a three-way play on the surface. After a post found by Toko Ekambi (54th) or a strike by Tetu that still shines to the Swiss goalkeeper (60th).

But the total supremacy of Lyonnais was rewarded with a not so much academic strike from Aur in the area, followed by a new mass movement of a very high level (64th). In a wait-and-see Montpellier defence, Toko Ekambi quickly widened the gap (68th). This time, OL will no longer be involved, Mavididi still looking for Pollersbeck (76th), despite a slight awakening from Hérault. The end of the match was marked by an apparent lack of love between Lyon supporters and their players, especially after Toko Ekambi reportedly signaled them to remain silent. Auer still offered his visitors a fifth goal in extra time (90th + 2).

Thanks to this 14th win of the season, Lyon retains its 8th place and is temporarily back in the top 5 to 4 length, keeping little hope of European qualification and traveling to Marseille next Sunday. Preparing as much as possible. 11th, Montpellier went into the fifth game without a win and finished the season at the freewheel, not too far away from games for Europe and not affected by maintenance.

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