OL: Lack of leadership, aggression… Bose attacks his players

Appearing at a press conference this Friday, the day after OL’s elimination in the Europa League quarter-final against West Ham (1–1 in the first leg, 0–3 in the return), Peter Bos speculated that there were Some drawbacks in its membership.

OL’s season is not over yet, but it is in very bad shape after a spectacular elimination of the Rodanians in the quarter-finals of the Europa League and a disappointing 10th place in Ligue 1 after 31 days. This Friday, a day after the loss against West Ham at the Gruppa Stadium (3-0, 1-1 first leg), Peter Bosz attended a press conference with Jean-Michel Aulas and Vincent Ponsot to take stock of the complicated period he experienced was present. by official language.

Confronting reporters, the technicians, who have long taken full responsibility for their team’s results, pointed out some shortcomings in their workforce, this time around. “We talk a lot with Jean-Michel Aulas and Vincent Ponsot about the workforce, we don’t just look at the qualities of the players on the pitch. We also look at the qualities of the pitch, the leadership. It’s not easy. All Teams want leaders, but being a leader is not easy, you also have to be one in defeat. Is it a lack in the team? Yes.”

“We can’t fall like we saw yesterday, it can’t happen”

Just a few minutes ago, Bose had brought a lack of aggression in his players. “I want more aggressive football, with higher pressure. We have to play football to win games at the end of the season, we have to be realistic rather than romantic for the last seven games. We are going to play football in line with this goal. A global squad problem? Yes. We can’t fall like yesterday, it can’t happen.”

This Friday, Bosz was confirmed by its chairman, even though Vincent Ponsot has assured that an evaluation will be done at the end of the season. “We’ll take stock at the end of the season. There’s no slack with us. If the objectives aren’t met, we’ll have to draw conclusions, but with seven games left, we’re not giving up. We’ll draw on the lessons of this season. Finish,” said the club’s general manager.

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