OL: How did Aulas fight on all fronts… till exhaustion?


Jean-Michel Aulas opened the door for a possible departure from Lyon due to behavior and incidents with some supporters during this Saturday’s win against Montpellier (5-2). If the Speaker of Official Language feels touched, then after very busy last months behind the scenes, he does not intend to give up.


OL won a crucial match against Montpellier (5-2) on Day 34 of Ligue 1 this Saturday. Still in the race for European qualification (despite 8th place), Gons faced the ire of some supporters. during the match. Furious after a gesture of humor from striker Karl-Toko Ekambi, the militants expressed their dissatisfaction, whistled the Cameroonian … and prompted Jean-Michel Aulas to intervene.

Still present in his club’s daily life, the Rhne chairman showed a form of fatigue after a particularly complicated 2021–2022 season for OL and marked by numerous incidents with fans. “We went through a situation that is not acceptable. If this continues, I would love to leave, especially before the press dropped the JMA. Football is not that. The value of a club, c is its value of time. Along with the supporters but at the moment there are tee players and the players are respectable.”


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Aulas met supporters after the match

In the wake of this route into the mixed region after le Montpellier, Jean-Michel Aulas spoke with some representatives of supporters’ groups. In “VDI”, the road access enclosing the stadium below the stand, an appointment is quickly organized along the angled fringe. Eye to eye, the president of OL repeated what he had told reporters.


The exchange took place peacefully, with the CRS setting up a siege in containment and ensuring access to the area reserved for interviews with journalists, which is adjacent to the locker room. The Lyon boss is also praised by these same fans at the end of constructive dialogue, like a letter to the two main groups of supporters in the wake of the elimination against West Ham, inviting them to a meeting. The 1950s one was able to take place the day before the match against Montpellier, while the Bad Gone’s one was simply postponed due to logistical constraints.

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weather disrupted by events

In a season of ups and downs, OL stuck to its dream of qualifying for European competition. By winning this Saturday against his Hérault rival, Peter Boas’s Goons gave himself the right to dream, even though he still has five points behind him to finish fifth, which is synonymous with tickets to the Conference League hosted by Nice. Off the field, the events of the match against Montpellier constituted the fifteenth disruption of a stormy 2021–2022 campaign with supporters.


If communication between the club and the militants is stable, then Jean-Michel Aulas wants the same. Despite the slippage of his own fans, the president of OL does not spare him. Nearly fifty commercial stadium bans have been issued following the events that made their mark since the start of this season:

– On November 21, with one point short in the bottle throw standings during OL-OM


– Events at the PFC on 17 December and the boycott from the Coupe de France

– On 17 April, some “supporters”, who had decided to boycott the match against West Ham in the match against Bordeaux following their European elimination, “invited themselves” to the parking lot outside the Htel de la Misée Green two hours earlier. Did. When the bus leaves for the stadium, they leave and burn tyres, burst smoke and insult.


Aulas tired by 2021-2022 season

It is clear that all these events exhaust the leader in the 35th year of the presidency, where troubles accumulate after the 2020-2021 season, which already ended with a hiccup against Nice, on the last day of When players cringe at the carpet in a handful of minutes from the charming Champions League.

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The 2021-2022 campaign gets off to a flying start, with the resignation of “its” sporting director, Juninho. The 5,000-man gauge was put back due to the resumption of the pandemic in January during the two biggest matches of the year against PSG and ASSE. All in one post-covid financial context which is hurting accounts.


In the process, the departures of reference shareholder Pathé and IDG Capital have been announced, who are expected to be replaced through continued work with bankers (six files are on the table and others probably by the end of May for a new round of funding). are to be expected). , All this without forgetting the support of the staff in a “historic” sports season, namely the worst of the modern era in the 21st century, and in front of the sling on social networks. Jean-Michel Aulas multiplies meetings with the press, such as the day after the European elimination (1-1,0-3 against West Ham).

Aulas OL. ain’t gonna give up

In memory of relatives and followers, there have never been so many (heavy) files for Ron Disha and President Aulas at the same time. And days have only 24 hours, weeks have only 7 days … so this exhausting, valid and understandable, by Jean-Michel Aulas is clearly demonstrated with the words, but repeated Even by the face marked by events.


But at 73 years old, Jean-Michel Aulas does not intend to give up the management of the institution of which he is a historical and reference shareholder, especially as it pitches at this juncture between capitalist and sporting uncertainties. With an upcoming season that presents itself without mid-week meetings in Europe, the OL’s emblematic president doesn’t seem to be letting go.

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