OL: Furious, Bad Goons announce boycott of match against Bordeaux

After a tragic elimination at the end of the Europa League quarter-final against West Ham, the Bad Goons are in rage. The OL militants expressed this in a press release this Friday, where they announced a boycott of this Sunday’s Ligue 1 match against Bordeaux.

A weekend of boycotts in Ligue 1. If members of the Collectif Ultra Paris (CUP) remain “present but silent” this Sunday for the “Classic”, Bad Goons will miss the 32nd meeting against Bordeaux this Sunday (5:05 PM). OL supporters expressed their “disgust, anger, bitterness, disgust” at “After a Nightmare Evening” in a press release this Friday.

During the second leg of the Europa League quarter-finals, the OL sank on Thursday, after the draw achieved in the first leg (1–1), at the Gruppama Stadium (3–0). “Have not been a player once again, sorry for Bad Gone. It’s not a defeat we blame, we know how to accept it (…) but it’s not the way once again and that leaves us with more than a bitter taste in the mouth…”

Lyon’s extremists point the finger at a team that is “merely the sum of individuals without soul and without mind”. They also think of Peter Bose’s responsibility: “Like his predecessors, he comes up against similar problems with a workforce that is nonetheless completely different … Coaches and players pass but the mindset Keeps maintained.”

“Heart is no more”

If supporters believe he has shown “great patience”, they invite him to “look higher”. “When for years the club’s communication has been composed of only the trees that hide the forest, thunderous announcements to reassure shareholders, it is no longer surprising that the club’s spirit and identity is crumbling while EBITDA And improving financial statements, tackling Bad Gone. How can we ask our players to have a winning culture, when management forgives, excuses and explains every disappointment and misconduct?”

The Bad Gone encourages all its members not to go to Groupama Stadium this Sunday, invites the team to work” and shows that “they have a proud spirit”. is”, concluded. Press release. Currently ranked 10th in the league with 46 points, six points behind Strasbourg (5th), OL no longer have the right to make mistakes at the end of the season if they grab a spot. Want. European.

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