ol: fox has one "real fear" To see Aulas leave the club


Wendy Renard paid a lively tribute to the work done by Jean-Michel Aulas in Lyon during her appearance at the Super Moscato show on RMC on Tuesday. The OL women’s defender has confirmed her fears of seeing the Rhne president leave the club.


The unimaginable, unimaginable happened over the weekend. Jean-Michel Aulas, tired of the current context surrounding his club, opened the door to departure from the OL after a win against Montpellier (5–2) during the 34th day of Ligue 1. Tired of a complicated season over the game plan as the supporters’ management, the Rhne president threatened to leave the club. If he should not leave everything overnight, the manager made an impression and was greatly impressed by the new developments among some fans and Lyon players.

This Tuesday, guest of Super Moscato Show, Wendy Renard sent a nice message to her president in the face of this fear of leaving the club. “Obviously yes (there is a fear) because he is a great guy, launched the 31-year-old defender on RMC. Knowing him…here…. I know him a lot… I don’t know.. . Is this true? In any case, he is deeply saddened by this situation. I see him deeply and very, very affected by this situation.”

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Renard touched on the words of his president

An icon of the OL women’s team, Wendy Renard has spent her entire professional career there, notably winning seven Champions League titles and 14 league titles. The 31-year-old defender hopes to return to normalcy for the good of the club and Jean-Michel Aulas.

“It is a very difficult situation and you will have to gather around a table to move forward, tie the tricolor in 129 selections at the international level. It is certain that this is not a favorable situation for the club and the president. We Growing up and that’s not good for your health.”


OL to Aulas. A “Real Fear” of Watching Leaving

The pioneer of women’s football in France, Jean-Michel Aulas, played a major role in the commercialization of players. According to Wendy Renard, his withdrawal from the OL would be a huge blow to the discipline.

“There’s also a real fear for us because she’s someone who loves her women’s class and who does everything she can to improve it every year and every season,” concluded Renard. Alone, she’s the big decision maker. It would be a shame to see him leave.”


Jean-Guy Lebreton with RMC


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