OL: Aulas’ message to players and supporters after European failure


Jean-Michel Aulas talks this Friday, a day after OL’s elimination against West Ham in the Europa League. The president of Lyon expects fans and players to remain involved for the end of the Ligue 1 season.


In the event of a crisis, extraordinary measures. Jean-Michel Aulas dreamed of a Europa League title to secure OL’s European future. But the elimination against West Ham (1–1,0–3) put an end to the ambitions of Lyonnais, who will need to shine during the last seven days of the season in Ligue 1 to qualify on the continental landscape. Facing reporters this Friday, the Rhne president called for a holy union of supporters, staff and players for the final sprint.

“We thought it was good to come together to discuss the result against West Ham, and the consequences of getting us out of this bad situation for the future,” launched Jean-Michel Aulas at a news conference. Want to address the fans who are just as sad and very disappointed as we are: The first 30 minutes and the match in general was a great thank you to everyone who attended. […] When you invest to come and watch the quarter-finals of the European Cup, you want the party to be beautiful and the results equal. I want to tell them that we share their grief.”


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Aulas thanks fans for “great” atmosphere

Clearly disappointed by the result against Hammer, Jean-Michel Aulas wanted to put his players before their responsibilities. If the public responded by attending, the eleven starters lined up at kick-off failed to regain their dominance at the start of the match and then broke after Craig Dawson’s opener.

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“We have a responsibility not to stop at Thursday’s dry result, which is negative. We did not respond in terms of expected results, further predicted the president of Olympique Lyonnais. […] It is true that the wonderful atmosphere must have touched even players who have lost their understanding of what to do after West Ham’s first goal. When you are a leader, you have to do an objective analysis. And that’s seven games left. We have a very important structured group that is appreciated by most of the clubs in Europe. Like Barcelona or Atalanta Bergamo, we didn’t know how to pass the course that we could have passed.

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“Let the players realize the gravity of the situation”

Tenth in the Ligue 1 standings, OL are five points behind the top 5 and the final qualifying spot for Europa next season. With seven games to play in the league, Les Goons need a winning start against Bordeaux at the Groupama Stadium from Sunday. Jean-Michel Aulas wants to believe it.

“From there, you have to straighten up, find the springs, be sure to unite. We show that we are united on the reaction that is going to happen, Rhne assured the club leader. It assumes that players become The institution’s Olympians are aware of the seriousness of Lyonnais’ situation. We must maneuver as leaders to ensure that the players show that they have the necessary qualities from Sunday. […] For me, there are seven games left, and arithmetically there is still a chance to be able to participate in a European Cup. We are going to do everything we can with the players, management and supporters so that this translates into a response on Sunday. We didn’t know how to give supporters the happiness they deserved.

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Aulas will ask “a little more than the players”

Despite the failure against West Ham, Jean-Michel Aulas remains hopeful for the rest of the season. But on condition that the players improve their collective performance. The president of Rhone emphasized the point: Lyon no longer has the right to make mistakes and the players must ensure the European future of the OL.

“When you say players are comfortable, what do you mean? Since the arrival of Peter Bose, we have strengthened the discipline and necessity. A player who is late doesn’t play, we try hard Continued OL Boss. When they go to play on the other side of the world, we try to get them back by private plane. I modified the speech a bit by saying we believe we’re maxing out, so we players We’re going to ask a little more. We think we’ll save the season with our results. But the risk is there, the players have to realize that we don’t have the right to make mistakes, we’re going to ask for a postponement Well, we’ll wash our dirty clothes with the family, we’ll talk. I don’t think the players are intentionally doing that. The mental decline after the first goal against West Ham, we don’t really explain it.”


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