Official Language: "there is still hope"Bosz still believes in qualifying for European Cup

A day after the loss in Brest (1–2), OL coach Peter Bos stated that he had not given up on the European places five days before the end of the championship. The Leon club is currently in eighth place.

OL may have jeopardized their chances of playing in European competition next season. However, despite the setback in Brest this Wednesday evening (1-2), his coach Peter Bose still wants to believe it. “It’s true that with each game we lose, it will be harder and harder to get to where we want to be. It’s not over, he rages. We have five games, others play each other.” And there is still hope. It is when it is not possible. With five matches, we still have a chance. A small chance, but it is there. As long as there is a chance, I want to go all the way. “

“He had a few chances, but it happens every week”

OL Coach also returned to this scenario of the meeting in Brittany. “If you play a game and you don’t have a chance, you can say we were bad, that we didn’t deserve to win. But when I look at the second half, we had real opportunities, that Let’s draw. But it’s not the first time. I’ve been here and said. It’s been a lot of games. Look at the goals we took: a penalty and a corner. Also, they had some chances, but It happens every week”.

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After this 33rd day, OL are only in 8th place with 49 points, 7 points behind the final qualifier for Europe, 5th place Monaco. Even if his competitors actually have a direct confrontation to negotiate in the coming weeks, Goons still has a perilous trip to Marseille scheduled for May 1. A blow that will surely be his last chance to save the season. For that, we have to start by looking for a way to win this Saturday against Montpellier.

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