Nice-Troys: No complaints filed after Trojan supporters’ aggression

Attacked by several individuals on Sunday while returning from Nice, following ESTAC’s defeat against Aegalones, to our knowledge, Trojan supporters have not filed a complaint to date.

Will there be a sequel to this event? On the return of the Allianz Riviera after Nice-Troyes on Sunday (1–0), about ten ESTAC supporters were in a van when they were attacked by individuals from two other vehicles at the height of the tollbooth in Fréjus, which was approximately was sixty kilometers away. Aglons Stadium.

Violent people first stopped the vehicle back and forth, then hit it. Many windows were broken. The van driver must have taken “many shots”.


Trojan mini-bus “spotted by Nice extremists”

Alerted by witnesses to the alteration, the lingers of Canet-des-Mours went to the scene, but the vehicles resumed their journey, unable to be stopped, thus leaving the authorities without a victim, complaint or conviction. gave. , No complaint has been lodged till date regarding this incident.

On Monday afternoon, the daily L’Est éclair noted the fact that the Troyans mini-bus “will have apparently been spotted by the Ultras of Nice who will then follow them at the exit of the Allianz Riviera”. Contacted, neither the Magic Troyes 1997 group, nor Popular Suds or OGC Nice Club, wanted to speak.

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This Monday afternoon, the mayor of Troyes François Barroin, for his part, reacted, condemning the “aggression committed by Trojan supporters” and offering his “support” to those concerned.

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