National: No, Roland Courbis won FC Ste . have not signed

Since Thursday evening, Roland Courbis has been announced as the new coach of FC Sete at the Nationals. This Friday, the RMC consultant and former coach of Montpellier or Caen denies this information and explains the reasons for this misunderstanding.

Roland Courbis is not the new coach of FC Ste. Contrary to information circulated for several hours, Kane or Rennes’ former coach does not lead the National Club, currently ranked 14th out of 18. “It is nothing new that I have sympathy for the region, admits ‘Coach Courbis’. For The Indian Paper, where he is a consultant. My two visits to Montpellier have inspired me with this region and this part of Sete. Allowed to appreciate the city. I read that I was going to coach Sete, a misconception that I had been invited by friends three weeks ago to talk about the club’s delicate situation in football and the Nationals.

“I was invited, it allowed me to meet Nicolas Gibble, whom I knew in Montpellier, continues Roland Courbis. Give him some small details, ideas, when we are in the final sprint so as not to go down, I Don’t want to deprive me of it and if it can help him, all the better.” The misunderstanding is also related to a picture published on the social network several weeks ago: “I am not signing my contract in this picture”, smiles Roland Kourbis.

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He hopes to become the “lucky charm” of the Hérault club.

The “Coach” still oversees the national championship and excesses during Sete’s last match on Red Star’s lawn. “Cete leads 1-0 in the 35th minute and the match was called off due to firecrackers and smoke bombs. I think it is impossible that Red Star did not lose the match, believes Roland Courbis. Sete is responsible for opening the scoring because he had a bad idea of ​​opening the scoring. Supporters came out against the club’s takeover and could not see Sete open the scoring. Today, the football officials who decide what will happen in this match , will never take the risk of giving the idea to teams throwing firecrackers so that the match can be replayed when the team loses 1-0.

Meanwhile, Roland Courbis remains a consultant at RMC and hopes to become FC Sete’s “lucky charm” for this end of the season. “If they beat Orleans tonight I think they’ll invite me again for a nice dinner at a nice restaurant”, ends the “Coach”.

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