National: After their unusual announcement for sale of club, Red Star supporters explain


Protesting the sale of the club to an American investment fund, Red Star supporters posted advertisements in Le Parisien and Le Bon Coin to seek new buyers. Between humor and seriousness, they explain their initiative.

“Century Football Club based in Saint-Ouen is looking for a serious and ambitious investor to complete a coherent sporting project”. This is the message that can be read in the classifieds section on Tuesday of paris, The work of Red Star militants, still a US investment fund, strongly opposes the takeover of the club by 777 Partners.


“an opaque sale”

“It’s humor but it’s serious”, justifies Vincent Chutet-Mazens, president of the Red Star Bauer Collective. “The aim is to alert the public to this opaque sale. A bit ironic, but we are asking another investor to buy Red Star”, he insists on The Indian Paper’s microphone.

“Like an advertisement for a tractor”

The collective posted advertisements at Le Parisien, “generally, as if I were placing an advertisement for a tractor”, and also on Le Bon Coin. Vincent Chutte-Mazens explains that he has received many messages of support.


Supporters’ group oppose the sale of the club to “an investment fund located 5,000 km from here, which is on a policy of frenzied buying of clubs” (based in Miami, 777 Partners also took over Genoa in 2021 And will soon be the buyer of 100% of Standard de Lige’s shares and 70% of Vasco da Gama, editor’s note).

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Although the sale is almost done. The three leaders of 777 Partners were welcomed in mid-April by the Mayor of Saint-Ouen. Will the insurgents’ initiative change the situation? “Probably not, but probably yes,” responds Vincent Chutte-Mazens. It’s really hard to believe this, as the club is “out of breath” financially according to its own supporters.


Vincent Chutet-Mazens is nonetheless optimistic about the future: “This is a battle that will be fought for a long time. One day or another, we will win. Because we, Red Star supporters, we were before them and we will be theirs. After. We will do everything possible for a healthy club and growth prospects.”

Currently ranked 11th in the national, the Red Star gets the sedan on Friday (7 PM). The meeting will take place behind closed doors, following the final interruption of the match against Sete in mid-April, due to the throwing of several smoke bombs by supporters, already to condemn the takeover of the club.


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