Nantes: Kita regrets not receiving one "Thank you" by Kolo Muanik

Rothen’s guest ignited this Monday at RMC, with FC Nantes Waldemar Kita’s chairman talking about the future departure of his striker Randall Kolo Muni for Frankfurt at the end of his current contract. Pointing out the behavior of the player and especially the people around him.

Waldemar Kita is not digested yet. While FC Nantes have a great season 2021-2022 thanks to the performances of their striker Randal Colo Muni (age 23, 13 goals in all competitions), the club’s president returned to Rothen on Monday, with the player Departure for Frankfurt ignited on the next. A departure that will be at the end of Colo Muni’s current contract on 30 June, and therefore without compensation for FCN…

“He’s going to leave, and I’m very sorry about it,” assured Kita at RMC. There are two points I want to come back to. First, we’ve done everything, Antoine (Comboure) and I, so that it The player lives. A year ago, I tried to get in direct contact with his father: I offered him a very significant salary, plus 50% on resale. In Frankfurt he would not touch anyone, more than that Could have gotten the money.” And to reassure: “Where I have to complain that they’ve been in contact with Frankfurt for two years, it’s been two years since they signed the contract.”

“Man benefits from everything”

Beyond the unquestionable loss of the game, Waldemar Kita specifically pointed to the behavior of the crew of international esports.

“He is a very nice boy, I am sincerely sorry that his father did not want to take me on the phone when I made this very perfect offer,” continued the President of Nantes. I am sorry that we have a child that we would have taken are 15, that we feed, that we house, that we give an education and a professional contract, and that we don’t say thank you. Most of all. He goes, it doesn’t matter, but that . .. He’s a nice guy, but it’s around him that it’s complicated. (…) I’m always in the human. And the human benefits from everything.”

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