Nantes: "it means we’re serious"Keita liked the finale coming after the criticism

Established in the first half of the table in Ligue 1 and qualifying for the final of the Coupe de France, Nantes’ 2021–2022 season is very satisfactory. Its president, Waldemar Kita, ignited the welcome of the club’s success on Monday at the RMC in Rothen.

“It’s an achievement.” This Monday on RMC the guest of “Rothen Ignites”, Valdemar Kita (68), took time to taste the good season of FC Nantes, which will be played on 7 May in the Coupe de France final against Nice (21 hours). Was crowned with

“It means that we are working, that we are serious,” declared the president of the tenth of Ligue 1, not unhappy with receiving some praise from the mentors of the show hosted by Jerome Rothen. We also thank staff Antoine Comboure. You can, players. We put in all the financial resources, grow the players, put in the effort. We put in the means to make it work well and Antoine did a great job.

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“There are ups and downs, I’m not going to lie to you”

Antoine Comboure appears to be the greatest pride of the President of Nantes, who was accustomed to maintaining an often stormy relationship with his previous technicians. “I didn’t have any human problems with any coach, defended Kita. (…) I don’t interfere with the way the media presents me, especially journalists who are in Nantes. No problems with players and coaches. No. But there is a character and a story built around me.”

Aware of the club going through several areas of unrest since taking office in August 2007, the Polish leader has measured the relative calm experienced by the Canaries for a few months. And claims to be going through very difficult times. “There are ups and downs, I’m not going to lie to you, at times you get fed up, but it’s the same in all professions. Later in football, the mental damage can be greater…”

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