Nantes-Bordeaux: tears in eyes, goofiness, harsh words … heavy atmosphere among Girondins


The Girondins de Bordeaux lost against Nantes (5-3) this Sunday and the players were impressed. Edmar Lopes was on the verge of tears in the mixed field when Benot Kostill believed “this is probably” what the team deserved.


No achievement for Bordeaux against Nantes in the Atlantic derby, which left Beaujoire with another 5–3 loss. However, the Girondins had a 4-4 return before Jimmy Bryand missed his penalty. Yet another defeat that hurts, and one that seems to seal a little more descent into League 2.

“The Smallest Thing We Fall In”

After the match, many Bordeaux players were very impressed, and only Jimmy Bryand went to the Bordeaux supporters who traveled after the match. A good portion of the parking lot has already passed, he was kindly invited to return to the locker room. In the mixed field, Edmar Lopes, technical director and assistant coach, Jaroslav Plasil, has a dull look. The condition of one of the two is also on the verge of tears.


Back in the cages of Bordeaux after being evicted from Ultramarine for racism charges, Benot Costil collected five in 90 minutes. “We had a good first period, we were 2-0 and we managed it well, then we fell apart in the second period, analyzed the goalkeeper, calm but still struggling to understand why the team was so How stuck in a short time. Saint-Etienne, even if it’s more serious. The smallest thing we fall is.”

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“Maybe we deserve it”

Kostil knows it’s “going to be very difficult” to keep up, but doesn’t want to “hide our face”: “We’re behind, we’re on a complicated dynamic but mathematically it’s not done yet. There’s urgency.” We can only go ahead by winning matches.” “It’s really hard when you’ve done the hardest thing, when you’re 2-0 at half-time and you explode in the second half… I don’t even have an explanation”, Dorman before getting too much cash.


“Maybe we just deserve it, he concluded. Success and luck provoke each other, we don’t have so we don’t do enough. Until now we were too limited, you can’t blame it on success or luck.” can give.”

“We have to put our balls on the table if we want to sustain ourselves”

Another Bordeaux locker room captain, Mbaye Niang, didn’t mince his words on Prime Video’s microphone: “Personally, I feel bad telling myself I’m 5 after going 2-0 up. Lost -3. It’s definitely not pleasant.. If we want to hold we have to stop and put our balls on the table, otherwise it’s going to be complicated.”


And he also questions his team’s state of mind and creates “trauma” within the workforce: “I don’t know if it’s the fear of winning, but we think boys get traumatized in different scenarios.” What they have experienced, we warn them, we reassure them, we even give them marbles so that they can be very attentive.

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