Monaco: Cesc Fabregas back on the pitch … in the Fourth Division


Injured for a large part of the season, the 2010 world champion will not officially play in the colors of AS Monaco again this Saturday in Saint-Etienne, where Philippe Clement’s team is heading. It is in the National 2, with the reserve, Cesc Fabregas, at the Stade Louis-II, will develop against Aubigne.


Eight months or more exactly 219 days when Cesc Fabregas has not worn the AS Monaco jersey in competition, an evening of the European Cup against Sturm Graz (1-0). Since then, the 34-year-old Spaniard has suffered a series of physical problems. Freed from a protracted hamstring injury and then positive for Covid in January, he returned to training the following month, culminating in a friendly against English club Brentford’s reserve. The midfielder injured his ankle to observe a new phase of rehabilitation. Back in the collective seasons since the start of the month, Philippe Clement wanted above all else to give him a “lower level” cadence than Ligue 1.

It is therefore reserved that Cesc Fabregas (117 minutes of play this season) will resume competition in an unusual stadium for Stéphane Nado’s youth guard, who regularly stays in Beausoleil for his home matches. “Playing him with reserve is complicated because we don’t want him to play on a synthetic pitch, as Philippe Clement explained several days ago. It’s more prone to injury, we have to find a solution.”

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“The player who will be in charge of him has to be very cautious” Aubigne warns coach

So it is at the Stade Luis II that Monaco Reserve and Fabregas will play this Saturday at 4 pm. After three consecutive losses started badly on their group (14th out of 16) five days before the end of the championship, ASM would face fifth, Aubagne, against whom they lost 4–1 during the first leg. were. Facing a world champion in the return match, the Aubagnais coach was not necessarily prepared for this: “We have to adapt, but I don’t think we will change the game system, explains Erik Reich. Despite the first leg, the score, We played a very good Monaco team with young guys who play the ball very well, with Lyon one of the best reserves.”

This time in the presence of the 2010 world champion it will be necessary to add another good ball handler. “I knew him when he was at Arsenal because he developed with Matthew Flamini, a player I had in OM. I have great memories of this guy who’s a really good player, that’s real football. Tells about what you love when you’re a technician, Johan Cruyff’s football that’s passed down generations, that speaks to technology.”

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As for defending the man, Erik Reich has already given his instructions: “You have to be very careful when he’s facing the game and make sure to keep him from turning. As soon as he’s in motion he’s going to move. The balloon is capable of delivering medicine, the players who will be in charge of it have to be very careful.” And try not to let the stars get into his eyes.


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