Metz: "We are the last, at some point, you have to keep your mouth shut!"Antoinetti’s Punchline

The Red Lanterns lost at home to FC Metz in Ligue 1 against Brest this Sunday (1-0) during the 34th day of the championship. Resigned, Frédéric Antoinetti believes Messines had the means to sustain himself this season.

Metz’s coach Frédéric Antoinetti was fatalistic after the new defeat against Brest (1–0), which condemns the Grenets to relegation in Ligue 2 on Sunday during the 34th day. “This match is part of a season we are experiencing, a dark season,” said a Corsican technician at a post-match press conference.

Last with only 24 points from 34 matches, the Moselle club are 18th and seven points behind play-off Saint-Etienne, with only four days left to play.

“We had the means to sustain ourselves”

“I’ve been saying for several weeks that we still have a chance to catch up, but since we don’t win a game and we’re last, at some point, you’re going to have to shut your mouth!” Continued Antoinette. “We had the means to sustain ourselves and I didn’t know how to get the most out of the group. I take it upon myself: We should have done better. And I didn’t know how to do that.” ..”, concluded Corsica, which no longer believes in maintaining.

Metz has won only four games this season and only in 2022, at Reims in January. Lorraine, who have not won for 13 matches (5 draws, 8 losses), have picked up only one point in their last six meetings and are heading straight to L2, which they left in 2019.

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