Mercato: OL Caqueret nearing completion

According to information from the newspaper L’Equipe, Maxence Caqueret is about to extend its contract with Lyon. The 22-year-old midfielder will benefit from a pay hike and a guarantee to be at the center of OL’s project.

Maxens Caqueret, who has been injured since late March, resumed individual training on Monday and could find a Lyon squad in the coming weeks. According to information from the newspaper L’Equipe, good news never comes alone, the 22-year-old midfielder is about to get an extension.

In June 2023, more than a year after its contract expires, Maxens Caqueret will have accepted the terms of a new lease with Les Goons. Its expansion has been a priority in Lyon in recent months.

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4 to one salary. is multiplied by

Part of Peter Bose’s team this season, Maxens Caqueret has played 37 games in all competitions. Originally from the Lyon region and trained in the OL, the midfielder will therefore continue his career where he started with the Pros in January 2019.

After refusing for some time to respond to requests from its leaders and even maintaining doubts about the summer’s departure, Maxens Caqueret finally opted for an extension.

After making several inadequate offers, Rhne’s management has proposed multiplying his salary (70,000 euros monthly) by four, this time around. Incidentally, Maxence Caqueret will get a nice signing bonus. A check equivalent to what has been lost since the start of negotiations to extend his contract at the start of the season.

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captain’s promise

Beyond the financial data, Maxens Caquarate would also have guaranteed their role in the workforce. undisputed holder under the order of Peter Boszo, Maxens Caqueret would have gotten an expanded role in the locker room with the promise of captaincy in the long run. Trained in Lyon, the midfielder has worn armbands in all categories among young people and would like to do the same among professionals.

The player has yet to sign his extension and many details are still to be decided, notably the duration of the new contract. But barring a new twist, the future of international Espoirs (12 caps for Les Bluettes) will fit well in Lyon. A good move for OL that will ensure the presence of a real team manager.

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