Manchester United: Ronaldo’s beautiful message to Anfield after paying tribute on son’s death

Cristiano Ronaldo took to his Instagram account on Thursday to thank the public at Anfield from the heart. On Tuesday, Liverpool fans showed their support for their child following the death.

Cristiano Ronaldo was apparently extremely impressed by the Anfield tribute. On Tuesday evening, during England’s derby between the Reds and Manchester United, the Liverpool public showed their support for the Portuguese, who had to deal with the death of their newborn 24 hours earlier.

Cristiano Ronaldo wrote on his Instagram account on Thursday: “One world… One sport… One global family… Thank you, Anfield. Me and my family will never forget this moment of respect and compassion.”

Cristiano Ronaldo will return to training on Wednesday

In the seventh minute of the match (during the eighth, in fact), No. 7 dear likes Cristiano RonaldoSupporters in the stands at Anfield offered a beautiful moment of applause and a minute of applause for the Red Devils’ Portuguese striker by singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Several football players and players put on their performances before the supporters’ tribute in the stands at Anfield. Support for Cristiano Ronaldo and his loved ones in this terrible ordeal. Through various messages on social networks, five-time Golden Ball and former Manchester United clubs expressed their condolences.

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Less than two days after the death of one of his newborn twins, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to training on Wednesday, the Manchester Evening News announced. The player had the benefit of leave as long as it was necessary for him to recover from the play.

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