Manchester United: Rangnik defends Pogba against judges by blowing the whistle "No Meaning"


Despite the win over Norwich being heavily whistled by Manchester United fans, Paul Pogba was defended by his manager, Ralph Rangnick, who believes that personal whistleblowing “doesn’t make sense” despite players’ anger.


Red Devils manager Ralph Rangnick has defended Paul Pogba after being mocked by some Manchester United fans during the Red Devils’ 3-2 win over Norwich at Old Trafford on Saturday. In the absence of Fred and Scott McTominay, the Frenchman was dropped at the low end of three-man midfield and impressed the caretaker manager in how he adapted to this different role.

“I can totally understand why fans are disappointed and disappointed, we are too”

However, not all fans agreed, with some expressing their disappointment with the French midfielder when he was replaced in the second half. Many supporters chanted ‘f*** off Pogba’ when he was replaced, while parts of the crowd whistled him when he came out of the tunnel at the end of the game.


After the match, Rangnik was asked about Pogba’s humiliation and what he thought of the public outcry at his performance. “To be honest, I didn’t hear it myself, but we talked with our staff in our office, in the locker room,” Rangnik said in a mixed field after the game. “I think the fans here are incredible. I really think so. The support at the stadium today was great. I can completely understand why the fans are disappointed and disappointed, so are we.”

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“It doesn’t really make sense”

If, from his point of view, “things remain peaceful”, he still criticizes those who voiced his voice against Paul Pogba and defended his player: “I don’t think it’s taking or targeting any person or players.” It’s wise to do. If so, it’s a collective responsibility. Even if you want to look to the past, it doesn’t really make sense.”


On Pogba reaching out to the crowd in response to the insult, Rangnick said: “I didn’t see it, someone told me about it. It was probably his reaction to fan chants, I guess I don’t think he did.” I can understand the fans and supporters from the beginning, but I don’t think there is any point in going after the players individually.” An eventful match for Manchester United, which saw anti-Glazer performances before kick-off, in addition to a much-feared Premier League final against him.


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