Manchester United: Pogba may have played his last match before leaving

Injured Paul Pogba, who is coming to the end of his contract in June, may have played his last match with Manchester United against Liverpool on Tuesday. At least that’s the opinion of club legend Gary Neville.

A possible exit from the back door, this is what Paul Pogba’s match against Liverpool (4-0) will entail on Tuesday. Forced to leave the lawn after only 10 minutes of play, due to a calf injury, the Frenchman does not know whether he will ever wear the Red Devils jersey again. At the end of the contract in June, he was announced to leave and several people in Manchester, starting with club legend Gary Neville, came up with the idea.

“This could be Pogba’s last minute with his Manchester United shirt if the injury lasts a few weeks,” said 19-year-old Neville, a Red Devils supporter, over a Sky Sports microphone. An observation partly shared by coach Ralph Rangnick, who explained that his midfielder should at least miss the upcoming matches against Arsenal and Chelsea.

whistled by the public

For some fans, the divorce is already over. In his previous match against Norwich, the French international was whistled by the public, to whom he offered his ear as if he had not heard them. Among the chants in the chorus: “Get off Pogba”, “You’re not fit enough to wear this jersey”. A sign that everyone has resolved to see whoever arrives in the jump ship soon in 2016.

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Withdrawn from all their competitions, United are only in the running for the English Championship, where they still have five days to go, with the last match taking place at Crystal Palace on 22 May. The end of the season promises to be a tense one: 6th on 54 points, they have three points to build on Tottenham hoping to compete in the Champions League next year … perhaps without Pogba.

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