Manchester United: Locker room cocky Ronaldo … Ten Haag says more about his management

Manchester United’s next manager, Eric ten Haag, talks about his future position in an interview with the Dutch press. Managing the locker rooms of stars doesn’t seem like much of a concern to him.

Eric Ten Haig is ready for the big leap. From the Ajax bench to Manchester United, one of the most promoted clubs in the world. Announced this week as the Red Devils’ future coach, the Dutch coach is not afraid of the arrogance he will come into contact with, as he told the daily Trau.

“I Won’t Change My View on Coaching”

When asked about his ability to learn how to manage his stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Ten Haag replied: “I think so, but I’ll be into that myself. I won’t change my perspective on coaching.” Content always determines how you play but I state the requirements and standards that go with it. I’d say who has what functions and who doesn’t, whoever is, I’d say no to that. does not give concessions”.

The current Ajax coach also claims he will have a hand in Manchester United’s transfer window. “I’ve defined requirements in advance about how I want to work, he explains. I’m ultimately responsible and I must report on results. I don’t want to be the sole leader, I’m there for collaboration, but Transfer control is a prerequisite for me”. Erik ten Haag will take over from June in what will be his fourth club as head coach, and undoubtedly his most prestigious.

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