Manchester United: "Liverpool are six years ahead of us"Launched Rangnik after Thappad

Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick readily recognizes the apparent superiority of Liverpool, winners of the England derby (4-0) on Tuesday. He also believes the Reds have taken a six-year lead.

Manchester United got away from their rivals Liverpool (4-0) on Tuesday evening. And this slap leaves a mark in Ralph Rangnik admiring the work done by Jurgen Klopp on the Reds’ bench. “It’s embarrassing, it’s depressing, maybe even humiliating,” the German said after the meeting.

“It is extremely shameful to hold a press conference like this”

Asked how United can bridge the gap with Liverpool, Rangnik praised Liverpool for their hard work. “We have to accept that they are now six years ahead of us,” he said. When Jurgen Klopp arrived, he turned to the club and raised not only the team, but the club and the city to a new level. That’s the next transfer window. What am I supposed to do with us?”

“There will definitely be a rebuilding, which was obvious to me in the first three or four weeks,” he explained. “For us as coaches, it is extremely embarrassing to sit here and hold a press conference like this. All we have to do is accept that they are better than us.”

Rangnik will be at the forefront of the overhaul at Manchester United as he takes on a wider role next summer. The German was brought on the bench last November to replace ousted Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He will leave these responsibilities the following summer to take on a consulting role with the club for two years. Dutchman Erik ten Haag is expected to be appointed Red Devils manager for next season in the coming days.

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