Manchester United: Child upset with victim Cristiano Ronaldo

After Manchester United’s defeat against Everton (1-0) last weekend in the Premier League, Cristiano Ronaldo hit a young Toffees supporter’s arm, breaking his cell phone at the same time. The girl’s mother has told about the incident.

This case caused a stir in England. As Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in the locker room of Goodison Park after his defeat, the Portuguese attacked a teenager who was filming him with his cell phone. The latter’s mother acknowledged this gesture at the Liverpool Echo: “He filmed all the United players. And then he put down his phone as Ronaldo put down his sock and his leg was bleeding. He took his phone.” Put it down to see what it was – Ronaldo didn’t even talk to her, then walked away from her in a terrible mood, tapped the phone and my son’s hand and kept walking. You can tell from the bruises. that he had contact.”

The consequences of this gesture go far beyond a simple broken laptop and bruised hand. Everton supporter Jacob has autism and dyspraxia and according to his mother, “he didn’t really have the procedure until he got home”. “He’s an autistic boy and he was betrayed by a football player, that’s how I see him as a mother. He’s really upset and it’s completely stopped him from going to sports. C it The first time he has gone to a football match and this is what happens,” he concluded.

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CR7 apologized

Following his gesture of humor against young Jacob, Cristiano Ronaldo apologized on his Instagram account, recalling that “it was never easy to react under the influence of emotions in difficult times” but that he was “always respectful, patient and An example should be “for the little ones”. To prove their good faith, CR7 invited Jacob to Old Trafford “as a sign of fair play”. Mercy’s intention to keep police away from the case is not enough The latter confirmed to have been “in contact with Manchester United Football Club and Everton FC following reports of an alleged assault during an Everton-Manchester United football match”.

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