Manchester City-Real: Guardiola’s mad rage reaction at Mahrez’s failure


Riyad Mahrez took a big breather from his coach Pep Guardiola when he missed a big scoring opportunity for the Skyblues, who were already leading 2–0 at this time in the game against Real, in the semi-finals of the Champions League. in the first stage.

Unstable in his technical field at the Etihad Stadium, Pep Guardiola lived his team’s match with the same passion that instilled in his players on the field against Real Madrid (4-3). At the height of the tension that saw him cheer for the advantage of the nationals at the start of the match, the Catalan technician went into a dark rage when Riyad Mahrez missed the goal of Chaos (27th).


lack of altruism that is costly

While he sucked up three of Real Madrid’s defenders, the Algerian winger chose to strike from a tight angle, passing Phil Foden over the far post and Kevin de Bruyne well behind. Manchester City could have been 3-0 up after less than half an hour. Instead, Real Madrid came in from straight behind, with Karim Benzema closing the gap in a stride.

Enraged by his player on the spot, Guardiola, undoubtedly fearing the impending punishment, jumped from his seat and threw his fist forward in disapproval. Throughout the match, the Manchester City manager ran his frustration wild, sometimes overwhelmed by his feelings at the lack of efficiency of his players, who failed to carry out his dominance.

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“I apologized”

A bit too much for the taste of the referee, which earned him a special warning (54th) before Vinicius’s score (55th) decreased. Guardiola felt it when he felt that this touch belonged to his team. This is to say if the tension was at its peak in this anthology match: “I apologized to the referee, it was just emotion. I was there and I thought it was us but they decided otherwise.”


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