Lily-lens: "worst punishment"A Lancois Banned From The Stadium Recalls His Life Without Boulart


Lille and Lens meet in Ligue 1 for the North Derby at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy this Saturday evening. During the first leg, last September, an overflow occurred at half-time between spectators from the two clubs. 98 of them have since been banned from the stadium by the courts. One of them, a sang et or fan, takes us with him on match day.

Last Sunday at around 5 pm. RC Lens acquires Nice at the sold-out Bollart Stadium. About a hundred kilometers away, in the vicinity of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Alex (first name changed to preserve his anonymity) is in the car: “We are 7 minutes away from kick-off, I am on my own terms of justice.” Taking the report and I go to the police station to have a look at the start of the match. That way, later, I can follow the rest of the match quietly.”


Alex enters the city’s central police station on the Cte ​​d’Opél, while in Lens, is given a kick-off. It only takes a few minutes to point. “It’s fast. I’ve filled out a sheet, I have to show my identity card and sign my judicial review. Now I’m sober until May,” he explains, on his way home.

“It’s Expensive for a Few Seconds”

An RCL supporter since childhood, Alex was sentenced last month by the Bethune Judicial Court to a one-year stadium ban, as well as judicial review once a month during an RC Lens match, and a 500-euro fine, with 1 symbolic euro . 180 Euros in damages and legal costs for professional football leagues, not including lawyers. “It’s expensive for a few seconds on the ground…”, sighed this thirty-year-old man in business.


On September 18, 2021, Lens received Lille when, at half time of this Northern Derby, incidents took place in the visitor’s parking lot. Lille Ultrasound specifically launches projectiles in the direction of Lensois in the Tranin stand, where there are several families. In response, Lancois supporters from other stands landed on the lawn and crossed the stadium towards the parking lot.

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“Lily or any other, it would have been the same”

In Alex Kopp, Marek was in the stands. He says: “We saw everything that was happening in Tranin, I am a father and I could have been with my child in this gallery. It took a long time for the police to intervene. Some friends on the ground Landed, I followed him. CRS intervened so I went back to my place.” A response which according to him is not linked to the rivalry with the neighboring club: “Lille or anyone else, given the situation, it would have been the same”.


The kick-off of the second period is of course half an hour late, but the match ends normally. The video surveillance of the stadium then does its job. “A few weeks later, I got a call from the Lens police station who wanted to hear from me,” Alex explains. “Then I was informed of a commercial stadium ban by the club. There was a succession of events in France at the time, with racing condemning those involved. We were one mass, they were able to set an example and hit a blowout Were. I don’t blame them, they have an image to preserve.” But it does not stop there.

“I have no regrets”

The courts have taken these incidents and have issued 98 stadium bans so far, including one related to Alex. “I’ve never had a problem with the law. The sanction should have applied, but the punishment given was the same for everyone, while it should have been case-to-case”, he regrets. “I, in the end, I stayed with the billboards, a very short moment”. However, he explains that if the situation happens again, he will react the same way: “I have no regrets. We were attacking families and no one was defending them so we had to intervene,” they tell.

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So until March 2023, Alex will not be able to participate in any European sporting event involving the French team. This punishment is recorded in the criminal record, only the state has access to it. If not recurred, it will disappear after five years. As far as the matches of RC Lens are concerned, Alex now follows them on television, mostly at home.

“A year is going to be too long!”

“This is the worst punishment. Bolart, it’s our daily life, we talk, we eat, we sleep. Bolart… a year is going to be a long time!”, walls painted in blood colors and gold Assures the supporter in the living room the game is running on the screen. Racing at Les Eglones scored three goals. Alex watches videos of the heated atmosphere in the stands on social networks. “When it scores, you definitely think about the dudes out there. It sucks (sic) to be at home, it must be madness! That’s where you want to be in the stadium and guys want to sing with”, he admits.


To make up for this gap, Alex goes by the lens for the most beautiful posters when he doesn’t need to check-in at the police station. “We meet with local supporters or in a bar and we follow matches with friends who have been banned from the stadium. It allows us to live out our passions together during the year”, says this supporter Indicates someone who is not a member of any Ultra Group. This Saturday evening he will live the return match of the derby in a way that has also banned all lanes from traveling.


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