Lily-lens: "I live it like a humiliation, like a wound"Loose Gourvennec

Frustrated after his team’s loss in the North Derby, Lillee coach Jocelyn Gauravenek took the blow too badly, which could have left its mark.

And three! Lens won the Northern Derby for the third time this season, in Ligue 1 at Lille (2-1) on Saturday, and returned to the race for Europe, of which Los are virtually excluded. In front of their home spectators, the defending French champions again put up a sad performance against Bordeaux (0–0) and Angers (1–1) as in their previous two matches, and were arguably penalized by Blood and Gold solids.

“We weighed down our match, sorry Joseline Gourvinek. We wanted to push hard and we got stuck after four minutes at a corner where we’re not attentive… That way, we don’t have a match at stake Could win, a derby that was important to our supporters. We do half-time out of the two and in matches like this, it can’t work. We have to apologize to our supporters.”

Gourvennec: “Like a Wound”

This new defeat seems almost the death knell for Lille’s European hopes, having temporarily slipped to eighth place. Blocked on 48 points, Lille are three and four lengths behind Nice (6th) and Strasbourg (5th), respectively, who face Lorient and Troyes on Sunday, poorly placed.

“We let everyone down and we let ourselves down,” said the Mastiff’s coach, who appeared very disappointed. It’s hard to accept it because usually the team reacts present in big matches, but not this evening.. . In the second half our face was better but it is not enough, we did not react. There, it is difficult to snatch matches … We are extremely disappointed, I am extremely disappointed, I feel it as an insult, As in injury, and it hurts very badly.”

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