Lily: "had to shave his head" After defeat in Derby, Gauravenko admits

Appearing at a press conference on Tuesday on the eve of the LOSC’s match of the Tour of Reims in Ligue 1, Joseline Gorveneck returned to Lille’s defeat in the derby last Saturday. The Dogs’ coach acknowledged that the defeat “marked” many players and that a “clearing of heads” was necessary before the next match.

Losing in the derby is never good. So accepting three in a single season is enough to demoralize. Last Saturday, LOSC lost against RC Lens (twice in the league, once in the Coupe de France) for the third time this year, at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium at home. A defeat that hurt Lille supporters, but also the Mastiff, as admitted by Jocelyn Gauravenc.

Appearing at a press conference on Tuesday on the eve of Lillee’s visit to Reims to mark the 33rd day of Ligue 1, the LOSC coach actually returned to the blow in the northern derby: “It’s true that everyone was very marked. So Ever since Sunday morning, we had to clear our heads to go back to the fight. We all failed in the match at stake.

“We succeeded by going back to coal”

At the end of the match, Gauravenek and his players apologized to their supporters for their third straight loss in the derby. The LOSC coach, however, does not want his team to feel sorry for themselves: “We must leave while staying positive. We are competitive, we must believe in ourselves. (…) We are very disappointed, very marked. We are looking forward to the next match.”

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So the next match will be on Wednesday at RIMS. Lille, 9th, can still believe in qualifying for the European Cup next season, but the northern club will have to succeed in their final sprint, with the last three games too complicated to negotiate (Monaco, Nice, Rennes). However, Gauravenek wants to believe this: “We missed a few matches, but we succeeded by starting again with coal. We must stay positive, continue to believe in ourselves, that’s a major key”. Lily’s people know what to do.

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