Ligue 2: Nancy’s terrifying descent into hell, on her way to the National


AS Nancy-Lorraine is condemned to go to the Nationals at the end of the season, experienced as a test by Lorraine supporters, after their match against Cavili (0–3) on Friday was stopped for jets of smoke. is done.


A beautiful 55-year streak in the first two French divisions thus ended, suddenly made memorable only by its interruption, during an anonymous home match against Cuvély-Rouen. On Friday, the 35th day of League 2, Nancy hosted QRM in a match so she wouldn’t go down to the Nationals. But Lorners fell, conceding three goals from the start of the match, and smoke bombs being thrown by supporters on the lawn forced the referee to end the match in the 40th minute (0–3). Definitely supporting ASNL’s descent into hell.

takeover of the club in question

Officially, Nancy is yet to be deported and will have to wait for the decision of the Disciplinary Committee to be certain of her fate. But the team’s Twitter account resigned itself after the match, assuring: “ASNL will play national next season”. A vertical fall for a club that was still playing in Ligue 1 in 2017 and had long made a lift with the elite, until a cable was definitively broken in 2020, when the club was sold.


For a few years, Lorraine was playing in Ligue 2 to frighten itself, suffering financially and even coming close to first relegation to the Third Division in 2018 (17th, from the red zone). two points). But everything was about to change with the departure of Emblem president Jacques Rousselot, exhausted after 27 years as head of the club, and the arrival of a new owner: New City Capital, a Sino-American private investment fund, which took over the club 31. December 2020.

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Rousselot Predicts “Champions League”

While leaving, Rousselot wanted to be optimistic. “Their goal is to be in the Champions League in three or four years, so I believe in this group,” the former leader told his successors. Future budgets will revolve around 100-120 million euros. We’re going into the second. dimensions.” ASNL’s new project was then to be embodied by Daniel Stendel, a young German strategist who had arrived the previous summer, who had already worked at Barnsley with new chairman Gauthier Ganne.


But mayonnaise didn’t take off and Stendel had all the trouble in the world to develop his theories. Ten days later, Nancy had only 4 points, yet had not won a single match and it was heads down that the former Hanover player was ordered to leave the club. To play the role of firefighter on the bench, the leaders then called on a former member of the Red and White House: Benoit Pedretti, who was then the head of the reserve. Considered to act in the interim, the former international eventually remained in charge of the first team for three months, before stopping on his own.

President Gane as a scapegoat

With the team parachute into disaster in January, then the Red Lanterns, Albert Cartier couldn’t lift the bar: With only five wins in the entire season, Nancy is now rolling at the Nationals and, in the stands, anger grows. It targets not so much the unfortunate coach, but more leaders and, in the first place, President Gnay, who appears very rarely in the club. Their lack of interest, their remote management methods and their arrangements with other New City clubs, including Ostend in Belgium, are widely criticized.

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On Thursday, 500 Nancy supporters gathered in the streets of the city for a “funeral march,” coffins and black smoke bombs in hand. The slogan was clear: “The capital of the new city has buried our club, now it is time to mourn”. They are now preparing for the worst, possible bankruptcy filing, while the future in the lower floors of French football looks very unclear to them. For his part, Ganaye assured them: even after the descent, “the shareholders will not be ashamed”. A promise that won’t be enough to win over supporters.

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