Ligue 1: PSG crowned champions against Lens this Saturday if…

PSG will be championing France for the tenth time in their history, in the event of a draw this Saturday least Against the lens (9 pm, day 34). If the Parisians lose, the coronation could also take place at the end of the weekend, depending on the result of their runner-up Om in Reims on Sunday.

What if, in the end, it was a blessing in disguise? OM was forced to wait a while to officially celebrate the 10th title in its history on Wednesday, the eighth since the arrival of Qataris in the capital, cracking champagne on Saturday near Paris Saint-Germain. There is a very good chance of being able to. During the reception of the lens (9 pm).

A symbolic title that would then be celebrated in front of Raymond-Copa’s Angevin supporters, in far more pleasant circumstances than before his public at the Parc des Princes – it would also depend on the reception that would be reserved for him in the Collectife Ultra Paris, whether ‘Let us be arrogant towards him.

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A Coronation Is Already Almost Sure

In order to validate a coronation that would allow him to join AS Saint-Etienne in the highest echelons of the championship (also 10 titles), PSG have a boulevard. And, with Marseille currently fifteen points ahead of runners-up and five days to go, the equation is quite simple: Paris only have one point to take. least Be the surest champion, regardless of Om’s outcome, Sunday (8:45 pm) at RIMS.

If the Parisians are beaten by Lensois, they can still be crowned during this 34th day, but on Sunday evening, if Marseilles does not win at Reims. The scenario of a Paris defeat combined with only one Olympian win would still very temporarily delay the coronation which is already valid at 99%, as it seems confusing to see PSG lose all their matches by the end of the season.

In this unlikely scenario, OM would also have to win his five games and make up for the huge goal difference (+22, versus +45 in Paris’ favor) between the two teams.

PSG champions on Saturday if…

– He wins or draws against Lens, regardless of the result of OM at Reims on Sunday.

If PSG are defeated by the lens, they will be the champions on Sunday if…

– Om does not win at Reims on Sunday.

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