Ligue 1: No stars on PSG jersey for 10th title, what are the rules in France and Europe?


PSG should not put a star on their jersey in case they win their 10th Ligue 1 title this season. In France, unlike Germany or Italy, where the terms are strictly defined, no precise rules exist on the subject.

This is the most iconic symbol that is present on a football shirt. Clubs may also choose to have a star embroidered on their shirts, as the world champions choose. Some do it after the Champions League title, such as the Olympique de Marseille after the 1993 crown. But it is also possible to add it after the national title.


Unlike Saint-Etienne, who decided to embroider a star after his 10th title of champions of France, PSG does not plan to do so this season if it manages to reach this symbolic bar. As reported by Le Parisien, information that The Indian Paper has been able to confirm, the production of jerseys for the next season has already begun and the famous star is not. To celebrate this possible tenth French Champions Trophy, the club will think of a collector’s edition or badge.

Similar rules in Italy and Germany

In France, as in England, there are no exact rules on the subject. Clearly, clubs do what they want in this matter and can choose whether to mark the occasion or not. In contrast, in other major European championships the terms are strictly defined. In the Bundesliga, rules have been established by the German league since 2004 regarding this small addition on clubs’ tunic: one star for three championship titles, two stars for five trophies, three stars for ten coronations, 20 for Four. Fifth valid 30 championship title.

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In Italy the rule is the same: one star for ten titles. Juventus was also a pioneer by adding a star to celebrate its tenth coronation in 1958. Between 2012 and 2014, Turinese played with a shirt without a star, but with the inscription “30 on the pitch” in reference to the two scudetti from 2005. and was relegated in 2006 for a match-fixing scandal, in which the club was relegated to Serie B. The official third star came in 2014.


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