Liga: Kondogbia’s absurd expulsion during Atletico win

In a match won 2-1 on the wire against Espanyol, thanks to a 100th-minute penalty, Atlético de Madrid lost two key players this Sunday: Geoffrey Kondogbia, expelled on a second lunar yellow card, and Thomas Lemar. , who suffered a knee injury.

A game full of twists and turns. If Atlético de Madrid scored three very important points in their Champions League race against Espanyol in a 2-1 win this Sunday in La Liga, Colconeros is far from experiencing a very peaceful match. In a similar scenario to the first leg, where Thomas Lemar had offered victory in the 99th minute, Yannick Carrasco scored a 2–1 penalty in the 100th minute.

a lunar red card, well compensated

A questionable penalty, which is controversial in Spain, because, despite almost five minutes of VAR viewing, no one can say whether the ball has been removed by Ral de Tomas into the area with a knee or a hand. The referee still decides in Atlético’s favour, probably by offsetting a lunar red card distributed to Geoffrey Kondogbia in the 71st minute.

Having already received a yellow card at the start of the match, the Congolese inherited the second firecracker, after the first rebound on Felipe’s body, tossing the ball out of his hand.

After issuing a yellow and not a straight red, the referee cannot check the VAR and confirm his decision despite common sense. Colconeros, who then led 1–0 thanks to a somewhat fortunate first goal from Carrasco (1–0, 52nd), whose ball was pushed by the opposing goalkeeper, then almost immediately conceded the equalizer. Espanyol striker Raul de Tomas scored from a free kick, which was also helped by a not sufficiently firm hand from the opposing goalkeeper, Jan Oblak (1–1, 74th).

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Thomas Lamar and Joao Felix out with injuries

Earlier in the match, shortly before half-time, Frenchman Thomas Lemar had to leave the field due to injuries sustained by Matthias Cunha and Reinaldo. The midfielder, the author of a very good match against Manchester City, was in tears, clearly affected in the hamstrings.

One injury was confirmed by Atleti, who said that he and Joo Felix suffered muscle problems during the match, and that they would be tested to determine the extent of their injuries.

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