Liga: Barca in doubt after another setback at Camp Nou, Real will be champions soon


FC Barcelona lost 0–1 against an opportunistic Rio Vallecano and lost third at home. Xavi’s men will once again have given a faded copy, slowly moving away from the top 4 to bring Real Madrid closer to the La Liga crown.

Barca once again lost at home this Sunday in La Liga and left Camp Nou with a tragic 1-0 loss against Rio Vallecano without really protesting their fate. Blagrana is in a bit more trouble after this week’s loss against Cadiz and gives Real Madrid a chance to become champions next Saturday in their match against Espanyol.


Cold picked up by a sublime against Rayo, Camp Nou quickly reverted to its usual sluggishness. Reista is the fault of midfielder Alvaro García who slips his shot between Marc-Andre ter Stegen and his first post after a superb serve by Issi Palazon (0-1, 7th). FC Barcelona will never return to the game, blamed for sterile possession.

Jordi Alba and Ousmane Dembele, Safe Stereotype Game

Nostalgic Barca, Jordi Alba and Ousmane Dembele’s unique “detonators” are back in their own way. On the right, Ousmane Dembele makes a series of races along the edge and crosses at all costs without really raising his head. When the ball arrives, there is no one to take it back and it often ends in Stoll Dmitrievsky’s glove or six metres. At the end of the match, the Frenchman also turned into a mad shooter, ready to do anything to send a slight shot towards the opposing goal (97th, 99th, 102nd). Jordi Alba, on the other hand, tried in vain to send a powerful shot outside the field in line with his volley, which hit home against Atletico (25th, 31st, 57th).

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Only one existence is missing…

Barca were lacking in motivation this Sunday evening and confirm their reliance on Pedri a bit more. Like his forceps in this week’s match against Real Sociedad or his loss against Cadiz a week ago, the Catalans were possessive, but never dangerous.

Without their creative midfielder, Barca have only seven wins out of 20 games, and that figure is likely to continue to climb, given that the lesser Las Palmas midfielder is unlikely to set foot on the pitch again until the end of the season. Is. The only hope for Blaugrana: a possible return from injury from Anu Fati, provided he is more inventive than his teammates.


no dispute game

If Barca’s dismal level is beyond doubt, VAR’s non-interference for twice fouls on Gavi in ​​the box will certainly not be forgotten by the Spanish media. If the first mistake at the start of the match (29th) does not seem to deserve a penalty by looking at the replays, the one that was forgotten in the 90th will have a hard time being justified by the referee. The blagrana kid puts a huge load on his back and dives into the box, in the yellow of dusk under the eyes of the man who doesn’t even call the video. This could at least be an excuse for Xavi, while second-placed Barca are only 6 points away from fifth-placed Betis.

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