Lens-Lille: Lensois supporters’ crazy welcome for players at midnight

At the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium, the lens did not shake and won the Northern Derby by defeating Lille (1–2). Success in bringing Lensois closer to the first five places and qualification for the European Cup. To celebrate the victory, supporters gave a warm welcome to Frank Haise’s army.

During or after the match, the derby between Lillee and Lens kept its promises. If Lancois supporters could not all be present at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium to support their team, they compensated by giving the players a warm welcome. Arnaud Kalimuendo’s teammates had the pleasure of seeing a festive atmosphere upon his return, after conquering the Mastiffs (1-2).

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Upon arriving at La Galette, Lensois received the greetings of several hundred supporters, who eagerly await the arrival of the bus. A beautiful scene shared on Instagram by Seiko Fofana, looks impressed by the atmosphere that reigns at the training centre. It must be said that in addition to conquering the opponent, seventh in Ligue 1 is temporarily two points behind fifth. Which would mean qualifying for the next Europa Conference league.

bus driver happiness

Supporters are not the only ones who have expressed their happiness. At the end of the meeting, the driver of the Lensois coach did not hide his happiness. While Jose Fonte was trying to explain Lille’s defeat, the defender was upset by the horn of the driver who was celebrating his club’s victory in his own way.

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There is no doubt that if they qualify for the European Cup, Northern fans will be able to celebrate this Saturday with as much fanfare as this Saturday.

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