League 1: The boiling calendar in the race for the podium


The qualification race in the Champions League has fully resumed over the past two days, with six contenders vying for two places, even though Om has taken a break.


Marseille, Second (62 points, +22): A comfortable mattress but heavy to finish

Marseille overcame Nantes (3-2) for a good move on the 33rd day. A success that allows him to count three points ahead of the Rennes-Strasbourg-Monaco trio. But Jorge Sampaoli’s men face a home stretch with a welcome to Lyon and two clashing finishes against Rennes and Strasbourg. All while displaying ambition to win in conference leagues with a limited workforce.

D34: Goes to the rims
D35: Receives Lyon
D36: moves to Lorient
D37: Goes to Rennes
D38: Receives Strasbourg


Rennes, 3rd (56 points, +34): Fear of losing everything

Praising his most aggressive game in the championship, is Rennes losing everything? Breton missed two of their crucial meetings, losing against two direct competitors, Monaco (2–3) and Strasbourg (2–1). And the end of the season doesn’t look easy with a match against the keeper’s competitors (Lorient, Saint-tienne) as well as a western derby against Nantes, a hated rival who doesn’t hesitate to upset Rennes’ plans. Will do Above all, the Marseille reception will take place before Lille’s trip ends.

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D34: Receives Lorient
D35: Receives Saint-Etienne
D36: Goes to Nantes
D37: Receives Marseille
D38: Goes to Lille


Strasbourg, fourth (56 points, +20): Racing wants finals at the velodrome

Strasbourg are looking to end their stellar season in the apotheosis with the last match in Marseille. “We want to go to Marseille on the final day in front of 60,000 fans like OM-PSG launched Dimitri Lenard on Wednesday. It’s a crazy time.” To reach this final, Racing will challenge Lille and PSG, the two teams potentially less involved (Lille joins the race for the podium, Paris being definitively crowned champion) teams for maintenance (Brest). , Clermont) before two games.

D34: goes to Lille
D35: PSG . receives
D36: Goes to the breast
D37: Receives Clermont
D38: goes to Marseille


Monaco, 5th (56 points, +17): on the royal road

The big winner of the last two days is undoubtedly Monaco, which emerged victorious from its duets with direct competitors: Rennes (2-3) and Nice (1-0). Returning to Rennes, ASM benefits from a very economical schedule with a potential final against Lens. The homestead club has the momentum (four wins in a row) and is used to managing this final sprint as it did last season.

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D34: moves to Saint-Etienne
D35: Receives Angers
D36: Goes to Lille
D37: Receives breast
D38: Leads Lens


Nice, VI (54 points, +13): on a slippery slope

Nice is still in the game but has left feathers in the fight in recent weeks with a modest record: one win, two draws and three losses. Despite this, Jim is only two points behind on the podium and benefits from a very economical schedule.

D34: Receives Troyes
D35: Takes to Bordeaux
D36: Receives Saint-Etienne
D37: Receives Lily
D38: Goes to the rims


Lens, 7th (53 points, +11): Two setbacks on the way to dreams

Three consecutive victories (Nice, Lille, Montpellier) and Lens are among the contenders for the podium, which is only three points away. Frank Haise’s men will challenge their ambitions to PSG, who will try to validate their title against Racing on Saturday. The poster of the last day (welcome to Monaco) certainly didn’t survive Song Et or who would have to work against Nantes, Reims and Troy by then.

D34: Takes Paris
D35: Receives Nantes
D36: Goes to the rims
D37: Goes to Troyes
D38: Receives Monaco


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