Le Vestaire OM: When Payette refused to go to Manchester United to return to Marseille

In the show Le Vestiaire, which aired on RMC Sport 1 this Monday, Dimitri Payet revealed that Manchester United and “other big clubs” were interested in his profile after his time at West Ham. In January 2017, he finally decided to return to Marseille.

At 35 years old, Dimitri Payet continues to make good days for Om, as this dazzling half-volley scored in the first leg of the Europa Conference League quarter-finals against PAOK Salonika. However, as revealed from Marseille No. 10 in the program Le Vestre, aired on RMC Sport 1 this Monday, his career could have taken a completely different turn.

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While William Saliba, Amin Harit and Pep Guay asked him if he regretted not playing at a much larger European club, Payet admitted that he faced a dilemma when he was at West Ham (2015–2017). and he finally decided to return to Marseille in January 2017. “I am not someone who lives with regrets. I made a choice to come back to Marseille, which was both sport and family. There were other clubs, bigger clubs as well. There was Manchester United and others. It was a personal and a family one. Liked it. I think it was best for me and my family.”

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“Being able to finish my career here is a big deal for me and my family”

In January 2017, Payet, who had already played under the Olympian colors between 2013 and 2015, therefore decided to open a second chapter in favor of the velodrome. Now he savors every moment. “I got to know Om and now that you are there, you know what it is,” he told his colleagues. Obviously, being able to spend all these years here and ending his career here , It’s a big deal for me and my family.. I hope to finish here as late as possible, and leave a good impression.”

In 2020, Dimitri Payet announced that he wanted to be “Marseille for life”, extending his contract with OM until 2024. “To reach this result, we discussed and they made considerable efforts”, then specified the president of Marseille at the time, Jacques-Henri Airaud.

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