Juninho’s departure, Bose struggling to settle down, events against PFC, classification… ol’ a nightmare season


While OL envisioned a Champions League return with their new coach Peter Bos, Lyonnais’ season is currently marked by hiccups both on and off the pitch. Calvary tune.

In May 2021, OL missed out on the Champions League by two small points, finishing fourth in the championship. A disillusionment upon which the club wanted to build. In the off-season, Peter Bos replaced Rudy García and Jean-Michel Aulas wanted to find the biggest of all European competitions outright. Everything didn’t go according to plan.


Juninho’s departure in two acts

After a very mixed start to the season, Juninho announced in mid-November that he would not see himself in the OL for very long. “I hope the season ends well and that at last, as usual, it is over,” said the Brazilian sporting director at RMC. Everyone in Lyon is shocked. “Juni” was no longer with Rudy Garcia, but his relationship with Peter Bos was better. In the end, he won’t even leave until the end of the season. At the end of 2021, he leaves OL. “It’s better for the club to have a sequel ready in advance, and I need to stop too,” he says.

Peter Bose under pressure… again confirmed

A month after Juninho’s announcements, Jean-Michel Aulas is sounding alarm bells. On Christmas Eve the OL is 11th in the championship. “I leave two months of January and February to return to the championship, launch the Lyon president in an interview with L’Equipe. Or it will be the same thing, in the second half of the classification, and we will have to possibly have a Think of an alternative solution, or we’ll be fine. And I know we will.”

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At the end of February, Lyon is ranked 10th in Ligue 1. Hence in the first part of the table. Peter Bose may live. The Dutch coach is struggling to create positive dynamics. Only once in 2022 have the OL won two consecutive league victories (against Troyes and Saint-Etienne in January). But even after the Europa League loss against West Ham, Aulas has faith in his coach. He speaks of “unity” and makes sure the aim of hanging the European Cup is still relevant. Lyon are still ranked 10th in Ligue 1.

Incidents against PFC and boycott from Coupe de France

In a busy December month, OL also had this match against Paris FC in the Coupe de France. In Charlotte, the match was interrupted due to the excesses of the supporters. For several weeks the presidents of both clubs responded to each other through the media. Jean-Michel Aulas advocated “shared responsibilities”, where his Paris counterpart Pierre Ferresi blamed Lyon supporters.


A few weeks later, both teams were ejected from the competition and OL supporters were banned from traveling until the end of the season. An extra setback in Lyonnais season.

Two slaps against Rennes

Bruno Genacio is no longer an OL coach but continues to cast his shadow over the club at regular intervals. Twice this season, Stade Renais has corrected Leonis. At Rojon Park for the first time in November, Lyon were beaten 4–1 and saved the honor in extra time only thanks to Lucas Paqueta. Four months later, OL conceived of revenge at home, but faced a second beating.


The disgrace was a total, 4–0 in the 50th minute, with a goal from former Leonis Martin Terrier. Once again, Peter Bose’s men reacted late in the game to end up losing 4–2. Only against Rennes, Lyon has scored four goals this season. Most of all, in mid-April, Bruno Ganesio’s Rennes is on the Ligue 1 podium and plans to play in the next Champions League.

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critical departure, mixed arrival

Last summer, the OL lost its captain and the best player of the recent season, Memphis Depay. Then this winter, the club sold Bruno Guimaraes, another of its officials, to Newcastle for a higher price. The two departures played on the team’s performance, while Lucas Paqueta, turning around at the start of the season, has been less decisive.


In the other direction, not all recruits, starting with Xherdan Shaqiri and Jerome Boateng, have been a huge success. The Swiss left less than six months after his arrival and the German has played only 88 minutes in the last 8 matches of the OL. Juninho wanted to ‘bring in players who have already won in their lives, who know what it’s like to win a title’. Bet failed.

European disenchantment

To save a failed season in the league, Olympique Lyonnais thought they could rely on the European Cup. For the 11th time in its history, the OL reached the quarter-finals of a European competition. But against West Ham, Leonis sank. Despite being drawn to London, they suffered a crushing 3-0 defeat at Parc OL this week. There will be no epic against Barca, no dream semi-finals, also no ends, and no first European title.


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