Incidents with supporters: ANS is concerned about the break-up between the clubs and their fans

A National Association of Supporters (ANS) spokesperson condemned the increasingly important relationship between clubs and supporters, which they believe leads to the incidents seen in Ligue 1 stadiums over the past weekend.

The 2021-2022 Ligue 1 season ends in a strange atmosphere, full of events, amid disbelief and a desire to fight. The PSG title was celebrated without a boom on Saturday, with tensions between players and Lyon Ultra throwing smoke bombs at Saint-Etienne, not to mention the anger of Lille fans after a disappointing season for the 2021 champions of France, Day 34 was rich in such incidents. For ANS spokesman, Killian Valentin, it was all “more or less classic” over the weekend, including “depending on what might happen locally”. “There is no dramatization from our side,” the spokesperson told The Indian Paper.

“This is worrisome …”

In Lyon, the big 5–2 win against Montpellier was still marred by a brawl between the Lyon militants and striker Karl Toko Ekambi, in his eyes, was guilty of telling them to keep quiet. “These are things we know in the past. Tension at the game level means that a player’s reaction that triggered something later can be explained in a particular context”, estimates Kylian Valentin.

For Saint-Etienne, the match against Monaco (4–1 loss) was interrupted for more than half an hour by smoke bombs and fireworks, which were used by extremists to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Green Angels group. … This new episode of excesses by supporters, in a very turbulent L1 season in the stands, may have deserved the disciplinary sanctions against ASSE, which already had a total closed season as a precautionary measure against Geoffroy-Guichard. Approved with, whose ultrasound was already talked about this season. On 22 October, when the match against Angers was delayed by an hour at the Stephen Stadium.

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“Club Hear No Words Now”

The result, having traveled three times in the final four games of the season, would see Saint-Etienne play the last match of the season at home behind closed doors. Without the necessary support that the Greens certainly wanted to deliver one of the final fights in the race to maintain. Reims’ reception could be crucial to the club’s survival in the top flight. Four days from the end of the season, the Greens are currently in 18th place, four points ahead of first relegation player Bordeaux (19th) and two points behind Troyes (16th) and Clermont (17th).

Should we worry about this disconnection between clubs and some of their supporters, whose arguments sometimes contradict what makes them vibrate? “We are seeing more and more clubs disconnecting as the supporter base grows, claims Killian Valentin. They no longer hear a word. It is worrying. On the contrary, supporters want to remember that they are there. There’s a passion and enthusiasm that exists, and that you don’t have anything to do with football clubs. It’s more of a concern, because we’re going to be marked in different ways and moving towards more competition.”

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