In the end, Platini assured that he was not interested in presiding over the FFF.

In an interview with the EBRA press group, Michel Platini assured that he is not interested in the presidency of the French Football Federation. A few weeks ago, the former No 10 of the blues didn’t close the door for an application during a passage at the Rothen Ignites show on RMC.

Less than a month ago, on 24 March, Michel Platini approached the French football federation regarding the presidency during an interview with the Rothen Ignites program on RMC. This Tuesday, the Blues’ ex appears to have evolved on the No. 10 question and in an interview given to the press group EBRA gives him a pretty straightforward reassurance: “I’m not interested in the FFF”.

Refused to return to FFF

At the age of 67, Platini has retired and runs a bistro in Cassis, as he explained to Jerome Rothen in late March. But the former glory of the France team does not exclude a return to the world of football. Platini said, “I told you that if there is anything that I love and which I love very much, I will do that.”

When asked about the presidency of the FFF, this time occupied by Nol Le Grat, the ex-No. 10 seemed shaky at first: “I wasn’t prepared for this question. It’s complicated, you go to the polls.” Will, moving, going to meet people, doing an event … I was the vice president of the FFF, I was the president of UEFA, so I know all that.

Platini at the center of many controversies

Still on RMC, before opening the door at the end of his response: “If the idea of ​​being president comes by themselves, no. If they come to pick me up, you have to think.” A month later, it looks like Platini has time to consider the matter further. On the sidelines of a match between the Varieties Club de France and Ardche firefighters, which took place in Aubaas on Monday, they rejected the idea of ​​a return to the FFF’s favour.

With this media release, Platini returned to the playing field after becoming more prominent at the judicial level in early April: from the case of a Picasso lithograph obtained from a Russian billionaire, through to his trial in Switzerland the following June for fraud, His complaint filed against Gianni Infantino for “active effects pedaling”, the former No. 10 of the blues, has sparked much discussion in recent weeks.

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