"I wish there was no more taboo"Giuly reveals he was the victim of a scandal


In testimony to former Paris international footballer Ludovic Giuli, the financial investment scam claimed to have caused millions of euros in losses. It alerts on this topic, specifically to warn existing players.

He suffered a loss of 2.7 million euros. “Luckily I have a strong financial back and I’m not on the road because I didn’t hand over all my money,” he said. In an interview published on Thursday ParisianLudovic Giuli, former footballer and current advisor, revealed that he was the victim of a financial investment scam. This led to him being banned from credit for exceeding the legal debt limit, at the end of his playing career in 2016.


The former winger of AS Monaco, FC Barcelona or even Paris Saint-Germain says, “My banker then explains to me that, in fact, my money is mortgaged in my accounts, in other words, retirement homes. for reimbursement of investment made in ,

“Footballers, we are easy prey”

According to his account, by handing over 5.3 million euros to the company Sportinvest, which had been collaborating with him for several years, that the former French international found himself in this position: “I specifically noted that I was made to repay The loan at about 6%. (…) All the retirement homes I was built to buy were paid more than the actual value. The stuff was barely 3, when I paid 5.3. 5 million. And his actual return was two or three times less than what I was promised. He also points to the company’s real estate commission, which he estimates at more than a million euros.

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With this testimony, 45-year-old Giuli wants to “remove the ban on players’ financial problems”. “Footballers, we are easy prey,” he maintains as he knows former players of his time are currently in a very difficult position. Compared to the current generation of footballers, he says, “there are people who are just eating it without knowing it.” Before adding: “I dare to speak in place of many today who are ashamed of being fools. They shouldn’t. They are victims, not criminals”.


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