"humiliation", "no soul"…everyone falls on Manchester United after the loss against Liverpool


Consultants, former player and even manager, Ralph Rangnick, toppled Manchester United, with owners and team stars in humiliation at Liverpool (4-0) on Tuesday. And one wish: to clean the slate next summer.


Match figures are no longer enough to describe Manchester United’s new sinking at Liverpool (4-0), Tuesday’s ground. This route adds to the slap in the first leg (0-5), with two shots and 28% ball possession. It confirms the downfall of a club that has not won anything since 2017 despite huge investments. These figures came out on Tuesday evening to remind us of ineffective spending and a dismal balance of buying and selling (a deficit of €1.075 billion since 2012).

“The club is broken on and off the pitch”

Club policy is unanimously thrown in the trash on Wednesdays. With him, the management of the Glazer family, the owner of the club since 2005, and the staring of players in the team. Gary Neville, a former club player at Sky Sports, says: “United have gradually brought in players like (Alexis) Sanchez or Pogba over the past ten years. They put the player above the manager. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester Go to City, the manager is the main person in the football club. They have undermined the managers at Manchester United over the past 10 years by giving them godlike status and the players haven’t played.”


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“Basically the club is broken on and off the pitch, Neville continues. The club needs investment.” Next summer will be the same, eagerly waiting for a date that will give new momentum.

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Rangnik seems to be showing promise by criticizing the Red Devils’ management, which he says is six years behind Liverpool, who were built with the arrival of Jurgen Klopp. “It’s embarrassing, it’s depressing, maybe even humiliating,” the German said after the meeting.

For BBC football editor Phil McNulty, the injury runs deeper at Manchester United today than it was at Liverpool in 2015. All thoughts now turn to Eric ten Haig, who will soon be formalized as Manchester United’s new coach.


“A useless locker room with players who don’t want to be there”

The journalist says: “When he took over from Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool in October 2015, he inherited a more important and more problematic job at United than Jurgen Klopp. At least Klopp was given a unified dressing room Was inherited, did not have players who thought themselves better than them, who really wanted to stay at the club, and a decent character base to start Liverpool’s path to redeem Ten Haag, on the other hand , will face a dysfunctional dressing room inhabited by players who don’t want to be there, who aren’t there enough to be there and a team that defeated the club in a 4–0 loss to Liverpool at Anfield. Shame on reputation.”

Ruthless. But the opinion is shared by all observers, such as Mikel Silvestre, a former player, who is surprised to see players “who don’t know how to defend”. “It was a complete demolition job, also launched Gary Lineker, a successful former international and successful mentor. Happy to see Liverpool, sad to see Manchester United.”


“It is very sad to see Roy Keane, former middle man of Manchester United’s golden age, be moved to Sky Sports. This is not the club I played for. What Manchester United have always done in my club experience is what they are. There are great characters, great people, people you want to work with, people you want to be in the ditch with: Robson, Bruce, Pallister, Beckham, Gigsy, Butty, all those people.”

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“This team is not even friendly”

“This team isn’t even friendly, this team has no soul, launches the Irishman. I know it’s hard for players to interview but it’s so robot, there’s no emotion in it. (…) I’ve never heard so many players want to leave Manchester United. When I used to play for them, you were afraid to be sold or gone. Now everyone wants to leave.”


The clean-up is expected next summer and Rangnik, who is going to take on the role of consultant, has already planned ten vacancies. “We have to make real decisions at the end of the season,” said Emmanuel Petit, a former Arsenal player advisor at The Indian Paper. There is a Leiden scad in the locker room. Teams in European football are light years away from what they have to offer. In group unity, in physicality, in refusal to give up. A lot of things have been missing at Manchester United. I am sorry to see them like this, I feel like watching Arsenal cross their desert. You yourself Tell the U.S. that no major club is safe from exiting the motorway.

The work promises to be enormous to find the ramp that will bring Manchester United back into the fast lane.



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