Hamaraoui’s aggression: the steadfast denial of the Diallo clan after the detention of a man presented as a "close"

Aminata Diallo’s lawyer published a press release on Wednesday evening formally denying the latest information regarding the attack on Khera Hamraui. Earlier in the day, the detention of a man posing as “closer” to Paris took place in the context of the case.

The Diallo clan has formally denied the latest revelations related to the attack on Kheera Hamraoui. This Wednesday, a man, posing as a “closer” to Aminata Diallo, was placed in police custody – meanwhile – in reference to the case, which has been going on for nearly six months. The Paris midfielder’s lawyer this Wednesday denied any closeness between his client and the person.

“Aminata Diallo’s name is once again incorrectly associated with the attack on Khera Hamraoui, writes Mi Battikh in a press release. Several press articles report the arrest of a so-called “known relative of police services”. (. ..) However, Aminata Diallo formally opposes any proximity to the latter. More broadly, denies any direct or indirect involvement in the attack by my client, Kheira Hamraoui.”

Diallo “wants the misuse of his name to stop”

“I would like to remind you that Aminata Diallo has so far been completely acquitted in this case,” continues the Parisian lawyer. Aminata Diallo asks to reveal the truth about this attack. She wants that Stop misusing his name.

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On November 4, 2021, two men attacked Khera Hamraui with iron bars in front of Aminata Diallo. The hypothesis of rivalry between two players playing in the same midfield position was initially considered. Aminata Diallo, imprisoned in Lyon, and a friend of hers were held in police custody by the Judicial Police of Versailles before their police custody expired without charges against them.

Since then, Hamraoui’s relations with several of his comrades have deteriorated, with the latter accusing him of custody of Aminata Diallo. Last Saturday, during PSG training, a new dispute broke out between several players and midfielders. Hamraoui, already absent before the Champions League first leg against OL, should also miss Saturday’s return match.

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