French Cup: "Nysa in the final"city ​​in red and black


Waiting 25 years to add a new title to its trophy cabinet, which was mostly stocked in the 1950s, OGC Nice can count on the support of a city that has been dressing in the club’s colors for a few days. Used to be.

“In red and black, I will show my heart”, the words of Jean Maas echo the decorations placed in the city of Riviera in recent times. “Nysa in the Final” (feel good in the final at NISART) The message is visible almost everywhere: banners several meters high in front of the Chamber of Commerce, billboards, the city of Nice dressed up in its most beautiful colors as the long-awaited meeting approaches.


a real enthusiasm

At the Promenade des Anglais, a group of friends try to sell club flags. “You have to go, it’s final soon!” pronounces one of them. Under good sunlight, during the school holidays, to bring some tourists, spectators sit, for some, not on the famous blue chairs, but on similar chairs, painted in red and black and stamped with eagles Is.

Facing the Mediterranean, the Quai des Anges restaurant also provided visual support, while the #ILoveNice structure, on Rouba Kepu, leading up to the palace, took on a tinge of color as always photographed. “Wherever we go in Nice, we are starting to show our colors even more than usual,” says Anthony, owner of Escalinada in Old Nice, a restaurant specializing in Nice, known to locals. After recalling that at home, their chairs are red and black all year round, loyal OGC Nice supporters admit: “The final is on everyone’s lips. In restaurants, it’s a main topic of conversation. We’re always the champions of the championship.” Let’s talk about it because we’re still in good shape but the Coupe de France is on everyone’s mind.”

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In every street corner, in shops, there are posters. “Kon” is the author. Illustrator, he was assigned this mission by his favorite club without expecting such success. “People are a little surprised, surprised to see posters everywhere. They go to the store to pick up some, there are already over 40,000 parts and they’re still making them again, that’s pretty impressive”, this defender Excited about the culture of Nice who rejected their posters in T-shirts. “It affects everyone and even grandmother or mother, it gives a family image of football that is currently being lost with all the problems with the supporters.”

After a tour of the official OGC Nice store on Place Massena, where club flags were flying around the statue of Apollo, Jean-Jacques pulled out a neatly packed bag in his hand. “I took Nysa’s jersey in the finals, flags, scarves, all over,” he says proudly, there’s excitement since qualifying for the half, we hear about it, there are flags everywhere, there’s a real excitement “


25 years down

In the minds of the oldest, one evening in the Parc des Princes in 1997 the final headline on the penalty against Gingamp “It was the year of my 20th birthday” recalls Anthony de L’Escalinada “This year, I will be with my son.” Whoever is 20 years old, being a little superstitious, we can expect the same result as me.” Sandrine was also in Paris to see the last line of the Nice Awards list, “We lived this moment with my husband, we were so young”, she says with almost tears in her eyes. “The greatest gift will be being able to share it as a family 25 years later with our kids, our gender, our grandchildren.”

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Emotion, “the Cow” also experienced it in 2006 against Nancy for the final final of “Lou Jim” in the Coupe de la Ligue: “It was low-key but we had nothing else to wear. Under the tooth, Our morale was down in our socks. This season, we beat Paris, Marseille, we have a good course. I know the city will be on fire if we win. Just a few of the 20,000 places reserved for the people of Nice Sold in time, we really are a football town.”


Sandrine continues with confidence: “It’s hard to believe but we’ve been there, it’s been a dream for 25 years. By now, we may have coaches who play fewer cups and more championships, there’s our There’s a coach who plays everything so it’s huge. This year I think the Cup is for us.” If the luckiest will be in Paris, others will follow the finals on a giant screen placed on the Promenade du Paillon in the city centre, which can seat around 10,000 people. All set to rejoice before experiencing Sunday’s festivities that at the moment, Nice fans don’t like to talk about it.


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