France U17 team: With Olmeta and Zidane’s sons, succession assured

During the last meeting of the France U17 team, coach Lionel Rouxel decided to invite Zinedine and Pascal’s sons Alize Zidane and Lisandru Olmeta to qualifying meetings for the Euros.

The succession to the former glory of the France team is assured. During the final gathering of the France U17 team last March, coach Lionel Rouxel decided to call Zinedine and Pascal’s sons Ilyaz Zidane and Lisandru Olmeta for qualifying matches for the Euros against Luxembourg and England. It is not the first time that both players have been called up at the same time, as Zinedine Zidane’s youngest son has played seven games in the category, scoring two goals.

lisandru, play it like grandpa

His first score was scored on the occasion of his first selection against Moldova last October. Entering the game, the Real Madrid defender scored his team’s third goal. On the left, Allianz (two goals in U17) is considered a promising element and is joined by his brothers Enzo, Luca and Theo, who all wore the France team jersey among young people.

For his part, Lisandru Olmeta experienced the joy of first selection in U17 a few weeks before his teammate. During a friendly against Hungary on 21 September, the AS Monaco goalkeeper has five selections in the category.

Unlike Alliaz, Lisandru follows in the footsteps of his father Pascal, with the 1993 Champions League winner Olympique de Marseille and an advisor to RMC. Called a number of times, he never knew the selection and did not participate in Euro 1992, with Michel Platini deciding to pick only two goalkeepers (Bruno Martini and Gilles Roussette).

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